Slow Cooker Quinoa Apple Crisp

Slow Cooker Quinoa Apple Crisp -- a classic dessert that's totally hands off!

Okay so it feels like we've made a major breakthrough today. Because we're making dessert in the crock pot. Like who even knew this was possible? I definitely did not. But guys, it's kind of life changing. I don't think there's anything easier than making apple crisp in you slow cooker. You start it like you would a traditional crisp - apples, sugar and lemon - then layer on your crumble … [Read more...]

Caramel Cashew Green Smoothie Bowl

Caramel Cashew Green Smoothie bowl topped with sliced pears, hemp seeds, quinoa flakes and vanilla powder -- it tastes like you're eating a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, but it's actually good for you!

Why is it that everything tastes better in bowls? I mean seriously. I find myself eating pretty much every meal out of a bowl. That's a lie. I eat every single meal out of a bowl even if it totally should be on a plate or in a glass. Bowls just make me happy. Like okay... smoothies. Really smoothies deserve to be in glasses, with their brilliant jewel tones and sipped out of cute little … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Honey Graham Crackers

Gluten-Free Honey Graham Crackers - perfect for dunking into a jar of nut butter OR making a tasty s'mores!

Okay, I confess. There's nothing more satisfying than eating nut butter straight from the jar. It's pretty much become a daily ritual for me at this point. When mid-afternoon rolls around, my tummy starts grumbling for a snack, I head into my kitchen, open the cabinets and inevitably reach for nut butter. At any given time, you'll find at least 5 different nut butters in my cupboard, so at … [Read more...]

Gingered Carrot Bisque with Crispy Garlic Quinoa

Vegan Gingered Carrot Bisque from the new Food52 Cookbook - topped with a heaping serving of crispy garlic quinoa

I've tried to make the perfect carrot ginger soup for years. But every time I try it comes out either way too bland, way too strong or way too carroty. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm making a carrot soup, but I don't want it to taste like I'm drinking a straight up glass of carrot juice. It needs some depth in the flavor. Something that brings out the sweetness of the carrots and makes my mouth … [Read more...]

Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bars

Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bars -- they taste like decadent apple pie, but are actually healthy and nutritious!

I was thinking about my pumpkin pie breakfast cookies the other day and it got me thinking about portable breakfast treats. You know, the kind of thing you can take with you when you don't have time to make something healthy in the morning. Usually, I'll make myself a smoothie. I have one of those plastic to-go cups with a straw, so it actually feels like I'm drinking a store-bought smoothie … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Ways to Use Quinoa Flakes

10 simply amazing ways to use quinoa flakes PLUS everything you need to know about where to find quinoa flakes

Quinoa flakes. Do you use them? Do they scare you? Are you unsure what they even are? Let's chat. These little flakes are definitely one of my favorite ingredients on earth. I use them all the time and even take me with them when I travel. But quinoa flakes can also be tricky to find. And once you do end up finding a box, there's a good chance you might be at a loss at what to do with … [Read more...]

Autumn Chopped Quinoa Salad with Apple Cider + Tahini-Sage Dressing

This autumn chopped quinoa salad is tossed with seasonal vegetables and dressed in a creamy tahini, sage and apple cider vinaigrette {healthy + vegan}

I've been in Vermont for the past three and a half weeks. My stay was unexpectedly extended, but honestly I couldn't be happier. It's my favorite time of year to be here; we've had a surprisingly warm start to the month AND it's been an absolute record apple season. I mean there are apples everywhere! Not just exploding off the shelves at the store or at our local farm stand, but the wild … [Read more...]

Crunchy Toasted Coconut Butter Quinoa Bites

Crunchy Toasted Coconut Quinoa Bites >> only 5 ingredients, naturally sweetened and 100% gluten-free

I've always had a love affair with coconut. I mean it comes in practically every form imaginable at this point, and I've used it in almost every form on this blog. Coconut oil is the primary oil I cook with. Coconut sugar is the sugar I use in my baking. Coconut milk is used in everything from soups to desserts. And the list goes on. But I have to say, I think my most favorite way to enjoy … [Read more...]

15 Freezer-Friendly Quinoa Recipes

15 healthy quinoa recipes that are totally freezer friendly! From soups, stews, chilis, casseroles and burgers, your freezer will be STOCKED this winter!

Wow. It's November. Kind of hard to believe! Anyone else feel like as soon as November hits it's all about the holidays? I'm thinking of Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then it's the New Years. Always running around, feeling busy, busy and making less and less time for healthy meals. That's where the freezer comes in. I'm usually really bad at planning ahead, but this time of year it's … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookie Bars

Easy Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookie Bars - healthy, vegan + refined sugar-free!

Today is all about chocolate chips my friends. But instead of classic cookies, we’re putting them into bars. These chocolate chip quinoa cookie bars are my latest dessert obsession. They’re soft, chewy and taste like cookies, but totally act like brownies. It’s a mash up that I could certainly get used to having around. (and quite honestly it’s kind of genius if you ask me) Now I know I’m … [Read more...]