Caramel Cashew Green Smoothie Bowl

Caramel Cashew Green Smoothie bowl topped with sliced pears, hemp seeds, quinoa flakes and vanilla powder -- it tastes like you're eating a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, but it's actually good for you!

Why is it that everything tastes better in bowls? I mean seriously. I find myself eating pretty much every meal out of a bowl. That's a lie. I eat every single meal out of a bowl even if it totally should be on a plate or in a glass. Bowls just make me happy. Like okay... smoothies. Really smoothies deserve to be in glasses, with their brilliant jewel tones and sipped out of cute little … [Read more...]

Refreshing Raspberry Smoothie

Refreshing Raspberry Smoothie makes for the perfect breakfast | | with bananas, raspberries and pineapple it's got a tropical twist I can't resist!

This refreshing raspberry smoothie has become a staple in my morning smoothie rotation. It’s funny because I used to be all about green smoothies - packing as many vegetables as I could into that blender and basically telling myself I was eating a salad for breakfast. While I still love my green smoothies, lately I’ve been finding myself making smoothies with a fruity base and little (to no…) … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Post-Workout Smoothie

The Ultimate Post-Workout Smoothie with coconut water, fruit, protein and quinoa!

Over the last 8 weeks, I’ve really hit my fitness stride. And it feels AWESOME! I haven’t talked much about fitness here, but it’s become such an important part of my healthy lifestyle that I can’t not share it with you. I also sent out a survey to all my subscribers yesterday (I’d love for you to fill it out if you haven’t yet) and realized that SO many of you are also integrating fitness into … [Read more...]

Grapefruit Margarita Green Smoothie

Grapefruit Margarita Green Smoothies - a super healthy way to start your day with the flavor of a beloved cocktail, just without the alcohol and sugar

Happy Cindo de Mayo!  Wouldn’t it be great if this fabulous holiday was on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday? I mean honestly, if you’re anything like me, then a typical Tuesday night involves a cup of tea, Netflix and snuggles with your pup on the couch. Not necessarily the life of the party… But that’s okay, because instead of heading out on the town and drinking margaritas all night, only … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl


Part of what I love about blogging is being able to share little pieces of my life with you. Not in a creepy kind of way, it’s more that I want my posts to feel personal and authentic. Like you can get a sense of who I am just from reading them. That’s what’s so unique about blogging. You don’t necessarily have to know the person who’s writing to you from the other side of the screen, but you … [Read more...]

Healthy Living Tips + a Green Smoothie Recipe


Are your resolutions set for the year? I’m usually really good about waking up on New Year’s Day and writing down my goals for upcoming the year. With my pen and paper in hand, I make a list of my New Year’s resolutions and tell myself that the physical act of writing things down will help me actually see them all through. Truthfully though, I never do. So this year I didn’t. I didn’t write … [Read more...]

5-Ingredient Healthy Peanut Butter Milkshake

If any time of the year deserves a little shake up, it’s summer. We spend most of our year stuck in the daily grind of office life, sending our kids to school, or even sending ourselves to school, all while the daylight gets shorter and the weather gets colder. It’s easy to get into a rut. And it’s hard to pull yourself out. Which is precisely why summertime means it’s time to let loose. Shake … [Read more...]

Red, White & Blue Quinoa Smoothie

I'm realizing as I'm writing this that I haven't shared a new smoothie recipe with you in ages. It's crazy because I usually share the things I eat on a daily basis, like new salads, lunches, and breakfasts, but for some reason I've skipped the smoothies lately. I drink smoothies on an almost daily basis and I'm sharing one of my new favorites with you today. It's the perfect summer drink. I'm … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Since Friday is Valentine's Day and everything, I'm continuing to be cliche and giving you another chocolate recipe. But this time, it's not for your valentine, it's for you. Because you deserve to celebrate yourself. You deserve to treat yourself to something special. You deserve to eat chocolate for breakfast. You deserve to love your body. You deserve to never miss breakfast. Because you … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie

I'm on my final week of my cleanse - with 5 days left - thank goodness! Not to say that I'm not enjoying it, but man after three weeks of liquid meals...I'm going to be ready to eat a real dinner again. And to have a glass of wine. Yes, I know I've totally sounded like a wine-o in my last few posts, but I really have missed it. There is one thing that has made this cleanse more doable for me. … [Read more...]