Crispy Honey Quinoa Cereal

This isn't the obligatory green post that you might be expecting for St Paddy's Day weekend, but I do have a little green surprise for you in the end, so keep on reading :) First, we're chatting cereal. Quinoa crispies to be exact. What are quinoa crispies? Whenever I use them in a recipe, … [Read more...]

Quinoa Thanksgiving Recipes


Can you believe Thanksgiving is┬ánext week?┬áSeriously, where did the time go this year? I feel like it was summer like two weeks ago! If you're anything like me, then this holiday is totally sneaking up on you and you still don't have your menu planned out. Will I likely find you scrambling all the … [Read more...]

Quinoa-Eggplant Burgers [+ a quinoa giveaway]


It's the final day of Bob's Red Mill quinoa week, and I've had a blast so far. People have loved the recipes, and lots of folks have entered the giveaways :) Luckily for all of you, there is one more giveaway left! The theme of this week for me has been all about autumn recipes, and this recipe is … [Read more...]

Chipotle Chicken & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash (+ giveaway)


We're halfway through quinoa week and I have to say, I'm loving the enthusiasm! We got tons of entries in our first giveaway and I'm hoping to continue the trend with this one. Today, we're featuring a recipe for quinoa stuffed acorn squash that uses Bob's Red Mill white quinoa. White quinoa (or … [Read more...]

Sausage & Quinoa Stew (+ giveaway)


It's our first recipe for #quinoaweek today! Today, we chatting about red quinoa and why it's so special. Red quinoa is a bit more rare that white/golden quinoa, and while many people think they're interchangeable, I think the two are quite different. I find red quinoa to have a stronger flavor and … [Read more...]

Quinoa Week with Bob’s Red Mill


I'm super excited to be kicking off quinoa week today with Bob's Red Mill! This week has been in the works since I first found out that Bob's was adding TWO new varieties to their quinoa line. You've been able to purchase Bob's Red Mill white quinoa for a while now, but within the last few weeks, … [Read more...]