Chocolate Quinoa Pudding for Easy Eats

Chocolate Quinoa Pudding | Gluten-Free & Vegan | Queen of Quinoa

To me, there’s almost nothing better than enjoying a beautiful bite of a sweet chocolate treat. When I removed dairy and refined sugar from my diet, chocolate fell by the wayside. I used to have a small chocolate square every single night with my cup of mint tea, but it seemed like every single chocolate bar that I look at had sugar in it.

So to curb my chocolate cravings, I’ve had to get creative. Over the past few years, I’ve come up with easy, delicious, sugar-free (and gluten-free) ways to enjoy chocolate. And this is one of the best ones yet.

This is my new (and much improved) version of rice pudding. Subtract the rice, the cream, and the sugar, substitute quinoa, almond milk and maple syrup, with the added nutrients of cocoa powder and chia seeds, and you’ve got one super healthy chocolate treat on your hands. So please enjoy some guilt-free Chocolate Quinoa Pudding with me.

To see the full recipe for my Chocolate Quinoa Pudding, hop on over to the Easy Eats blog!

Baking with Quinoa by Alyssa Rimmer | Queen of Quinoa

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  • http://aced Julia

    I would have never thought to mix quinoa and pudding together but it sounds good. You come up with some good ones! :)

  • Ricki

    Sounds spectacular! And what a lovely photo, too. :) Thanks so much for linking up to Wellness Weekend this week, Alyssa!

  • Ricki

    Oooops. Sorry, just realized there’s no actual recipe here. . . WW is for recipes only. So sorry! :(

    • Queen of Quinoa

      Ooops!! My bad – I must have missed that in the rules. Just have to wait until next weekend then :)

  • Middles Mac & cheese

    Looks like some chunky pudding!

  • Middles Mac & cheese

    Very chocolaty

  • http://ChannelOne Pedro

    Hola sound GOOD

  • http://Channelone Middles Mac & cheese

    That pudding looks a little chunky for me