Raw & Vegan Chocolate Coconut Balls

A tasty, decadent raw treat for dessert.

You can safely say that I am a dessert person.Around 8:30 every night, when I’m settled on the couch next to Mr. Henderson, reading amazing gluten-free food blogs, it hits. My sweet tooth kicks in and all I want is a gluten-free sweet treat and tea. Mint Magic to be exact. My favorite tea on the planet.

But this post isn’t about tea. Oh no, this one is all about dessert.

When trying to eat healthy, everyone says that sweets are the first thing that should go. For me, that’s nearly impossible. You see, willpower just isn’t my strong suit. I really like sweets and I really enjoy eating them. I’ve just come to realize that I need to make my desserts more healthy rather than depriving myself of something that I love. How hard can it be, right?

I do love baking gluten-free sweets. Chocolate chip and chai iced pumpkin cookies are two of my favorites. Sadly, both have refined sugars in them, which I have been trying to avoid since January. Because of this, my more recent post have been healthier versions of gluten-free desserts. I’ve been doing some experimenting.

I’ve achieved some great results baking gluten-free and refined sugar free. It’s really not that hard. From my raw carrot cake bites, to my chocolate-orange cookies, to my vegan rice crispy treats, I’ve made some pretty tasty desserts lately that are totally guilt free. And, what could be better than a healthy, nutritious and super yummy dessert? Not much in my book.

What do you search for when making a healthy dessert? For me, it’s all about chocolate.

Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

Sweet, decadent and delicious. Amazing, delectable and heavenly. Truly, the best ingredient on earth. Period.

When it comes to chocolate, I, like many of us out there, am a totally sucker. I melt just thinking about it. Mmm…

Knowing that chocolate is always tasty, it’s making it nutritious that can be the struggle. I made it my goal with this dessert to pack in a mixture of healthy fats, protein, sweetness and chocolate. And let me tell you, I definitely succeeded.

Raw & Vegan Chocolate Coconut Balls

makes 10 – 12 balls, depending on the size

When it comes to making raw food, I am not an expert nor can I call myself experienced. I have a food dehydrator that I’ve tried maybe three times. But when it comes to these sweet, chocolatey desserts, I’m good (probably because they’re insanely easy to make, but who’s counting).

These are healthy, nutrient packed goodies that you can congratulate yourself for eating. Well, that might be taking it a little far, but still they’re good for you. I promise!


  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut
  • 1 tablespoon raw cocoa powder
  • 6 Mejool dates, soaked for 5 minutes
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons cashew butter (or any other nut butter you like)
  • Raw carob chips
  • Filtered water

In a food processor fitted with the s-blade, combine the sunflower seeds and pulse until they’re coarsely chopped, about 10 pulses. Add the shredded coconut and cocoa powder and pulse to combine, about 5 pulses. Remove this mixture from the food processor and set aside in a small bowl.

Place the soaked dates, with the pits removed, into the food processor and pulse until they’re chopped, about 10 pulses. Add in the nut and coconut mixture and pulse to combine, another 5 pulses. Add the cashew butter and turn the food processor on so it’s mixing all the ingredients together. If you have enough liquid / stickiness, a dough will start to form (give it time before you add water). If a dough does not form, add a little bit of filtered water, 1 teaspoon at a time until you get the thick dough like consistency. Note, you should scrape down the sides of the bowl and help the dough to form with a plastic spatula.

Once your dough has formed, add in your carob chips and pulse just a few times until they are combined into the dough.

Form the dough into little balls (mine are about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bit smaller). Place them on plate and put them into the freezer. Let cool for 30 – 40 minutes, until the treats are hard (they won’t freeze all the way, so don’t worry!).

Enjoy these babies with a cup of tea, snuggled up on the couch, with a good gluten-free blog.

P.S. – these could also be made into cookies if you shaped them differently. Either way they’re delicious!

  • Meg @ Sweet Twist

    I think I could eat a lot of these bites. 😉

  • The Queen of Quinoa

    Oh trust me, it's hard to stop at one! Good thing they're healthy!

  • Isobelle

    Oh man, I'm a total sucker for chocolate, too. It has gotten to the point where I have to set a weekly budget for my chocolate buying.
    These look like a wonderful chocolate treat – and they are raw! Just my cup of tea.

    By the way, I'm glad you stopped over to leave a comment on my blog – I love all of your recipes! I'm a mega fan of quinoa :)

  • The Queen of Quinoa

    Thanks for stopping by Isobelle! I'm glad you like this recipe. It's so good!

    I am dying to make your quinoa granola. In my personal opinion, quinoa is the best for all meals, so any way that I can add it to my breakfast, I'm there!

    xo Alyssa

  • cookingwithlysa

    mmm…raw bites are my favorite. But yours look incredibly delicious & healthy . I love your bowls, and you plate!

  • The Queen of Quinoa

    Hi Lysa! Thanks for visiting :) These are super healthy and so tasty. I have one every night for dessert with my favorite cup of tea. It's the perfect way to end the night! xo

  • Lorali

    I have been making a batch of these every week. I even add a tbls of ground flax seed I luv em I have one or two with my green smoothie so yum. yours is the best and easiest raw ball recipe I have made. Thank you so much. Addicted!

  • The Queen of Quinoa

    Hi Lorali! This comment just made my day – thank you so much! I'm so happy that you love these little balls as much as I do :) I'm definitely going to have to try them with flax! xoxo Alyssa

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  • http://jitterycook.com/ Holly Botner

    I was at a potluck dinner last week. I brought a Barberry Quinoa dish.
    I ate and ate and ate. Then a lovely young lady showed up with your Chocolate Coconut Balls. With no appetite whatsoever, I could not resist sampling. OMG. I am a self-professed mayven (expert) and your Chocolate Coconut Balls are out of this world. I’ll be making them and trying to come up with some kind of original twist, but honestly, they don’t need any tweaking.
    It’s interesting how LOVING a recipe someone creates gives you confidence in all their culinary efforts. You have a new fan!

    • http://www.simplyquinoa.com Queen of Quinoa

      Wow, Holly thank you so much for the compliments! I couldn’t be happier that you enjoyed the Chocolate Coconut Balls – I love how easy and healthy they are. They’re a guilt-free treat, that’s for sure!

      These are another one of my favorites: http://www.simplyquinoa.com/2012/10/chocolate-chip-peanut-butter-balls/

      Let me know what combinations you come up with :)

      xo Alyssa

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  • Tyler

    Stumbled across your blog looking for coconut and date recipes and am really glad I did…these things are delicious!

    I didn’t have any nut butters on hand, so I opted to chop up some organic dark chocolate and added that instead of carob. I had to add a little water to form the paste (mostly due to the inadequacies of my blender) but they came out just as pictured. Since I had so much of the mix left, I covered the balls in it. Next time I’ll give them a roll in some cocoa powder instead. Curious about how that might turn out.

    Anyway, great recipe. Thanks!