Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies - they're gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free and PERFECT!

Crispy, chewy AND dark chocolate chips? That, my friends, describes my perfect chocolate chip cookie. It has brown crispy edges, a soft chewy center, is thin but still a little dense, and is studded with dark chocolate chips throughout. Oh and I must be able to dunk them in a big glass of almond milk. Yes, that’s a must. But what I’ve come to realize, after baking hundreds of batches … [Read more...]

Vegan Chocolate Quinoa Cookies


Surprise, surprise - I made you cookies! Since we're a mere 9 days away from Christmas - yikes!! - how could I not share a new cookie recipe with you? I know I've been talking a lot about healthy eating around here lately, but I've also been talking about balance. So this is my balance. You know I love me some kale salads, I'll also be enjoying some of these cookies this holiday season. And … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Use Quinoa in Your Cookies

So it's that time of year again - cookies, cookies and more COOKIES! Personally, I'm a cookie-any-time-of-year kind of gal, but during the holiday season I'm a cookie baking machine. Honestly, in the last four days I think I've made at least 8 dozen different kinds of cookies. Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, they're delicious. No, my waistline isn't thrilled. But yes, my tummy sure is. And yes, you better … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Cookies [+ a video]

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Cookies - with a recipe + a video

Chocolate, on chocolate, on chocolate? I wouldn't have it any other way. These dark chocolate quinoa cookies have to be my absolute favorite cookies on the website. They're the recipe that I come back to time and time again, and I finally realized that I should also share a video on how to make them! You'll notice that while these cookies are simply decadent and filled with dark … [Read more...]

Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies {guest post}

I'm very excited to have Kelly, from Nosh and Nourish with us today! I got to know Kelly after I stumbled on her blog a while ago and absolutely fell in love with her recipes. Her story also really inspired me (I think she's so brave to put it all out there like that) and I'm glad that she's been able to share her passion for healthy living with all of us. You're going to love her recipe for … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Cookies


Do you ever get something in your mind and then you think about it every second for days? It happened when I first found out about Lagottos (Italian Truffle Dogs), when I decided I was getting my puppy, Trevi. It was literally all I thought about and pretty much all I talked about too, just asked Matt. He probably wanted to kill me. I get on these kicks and I don't let them go. And once I've set … [Read more...]

Chocolate Peppermint Pizzelles with Quinoa


Yes, what you're seeing is correct. Christmas cookies in the middle of January. I could very well chalk this recipe for Chocolate Peppermint Pizzelles up to severe Christmas withdrawals, but I think I'll just say it's my love of cookies and chocolate that brings you this creation today. That makes me seem less crazy, right? If you saw my Week of Quinoa Christmas Cookies last month, then you … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Pizzelle Cookies


Pizzelle cookies are my absolute favorite kind Christmas cookie. They remind me of Sunday morning waffles, but in cookie form. They're thin and crispy, and I think it would be entirely possible for me to sit down and eat an entire batch. They're one of those things that you don't realize how many you've eaten until they're all gone. They're that good. For some reason, I thought Pizzelles were … [Read more...]

Coconut Quinoa Macaroons

Quinoa cookies are just the best, aren't they? If you have yet experimented with quinoa in your baking, I highly suggest that you do. It will change your world. This healthy little gem brings a rich texture and amazing flavor to your treats. Plus it adds nutrition that you don't normally find in baked treats. Everything from cookies, to waffles, to pancakes, to muffins, to cakes, to … [Read more...]