Thank Goodness It’s Quinoa (TGIQ) #4

Quinoa Coconut MacaroonsWelcome back to TGIQ – the bi-weekly link party celebrating all things quinoa!

This week was filled with delicious treats and it seems that quinoa crispies have taken us by storm. On Wednesday, I shared my latest quinoa creation, these Healthy “Reese’s” Quinoa Crispy Treats and you all went wild. Wild for the flavors (I mean who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate together!?) and wild for quinoa crispies.

But everyone is wondering…what are they? Basically, quinoa crispies are rice crispies but made out of quinoa. Sadly, they can’t be made at home, at least with the same crispy results. Yes, you can “pop” quinoa at home, but these delectable treats just wouldn’t be the same airy desserts using that method. So my friends, I encourage you to check out Edison Grainery, because they’re the ones that shared these amazing gems with me!


Highlights from the last TGIQ

Linking Up Guidelines:

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  • Include a link back to TGIQ somewhere in your blog post. Recipes that do not include a link back will not be eligible for next week’s highlights.
  • Recipes must contain quinoa in some way. I encourage creativity – any way that you use quinoa (from whole quinoa to quinoa flakes to quinoa flour, etc.), it’s welcome! The hope is to inspire other people to use quinoa in new and different ways. We welcome any type of quinoa recipe you have!
  • Recipes do NOT have to be gluten-free – or allergy friendly – they just have to use quinoa in some way.
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My entry this week is another delicious quinoa treat. These sumptuous Quinoa Coconut Macaroons are not only easy to make, but are also very healthy!

So, you’re up! What quinoa creations do you have to share this week? Thanks for stopping by TGIQ and sharing your quinoa recipes with us!

  • Devin @ Nom Yum & Free

    Hi Alyssa! So great that you created this quinoa link up party. I’ve been LOVING quinoa lately, especially as I’ve been trying to cut carbs. Thanks so much for visiting and inviting me to the party!

    Your quinoa macaroons look amazingly yummy!! I LOVE coconut – so this is definitely a recipe I will have to try!

    Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!!

    • Queen of Quinoa

      Thanks so much for sharing your recipe, Devin! It looks really tasty :)

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  • pj


    I see in the quinoa PB crispies your recipe calls for quinoa crispies? What are quinoa crispies?