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2020 Gift Guides: Small Business, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, BIPOC Owned

The list of 2020 gift guides is here! This year we've focused our gift guides on small businesses, BIPOC and woman-owned businesses, eco-friendly/sustainable products, and more. There's a gift guide for her, him, the kiddos/new mama, and home!

2020 Holiday Gift Guides

It's that time of year again! Time for our annual gift guide! 2020 has been a year. It's been a struggle for so many small businesses, and yet the larger businesses (like Amazon) have flourished. Rather than just finding stuff I love across the internet – which is so easy to do – I decided I wanted to focus exclusively on shopping small this year.

So this year's gift guides are focused on some key factors that matter to me: small business, BIPOC, or woman-owned, eco-friendly/sustainable products. We've indicated next to each article which “factor” they check off and I'm really proud of this list. I personally have loads of these items and can fully stand behind their quality.

If you also want to shop small this holiday season, I hope you find some items here that you also fall in love with!

2020 Gift Guide for Her

Gifts for Her

Cashmere Joggers from Quince: $90Environmentally Conscious + Fair Wage Factories – there's a lot of cashmere on the list this year because it's just the coziest most luxurious fabric! I own these joggers and absolutely love them, they make you feel incredible!

Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan from Naadam: $195Sustainably Sourced – on the pricey side, but if you want to go a little higher with your budget or are looking for something special, this cardigan is a hit! It's got a kind of slouchy fit that works well open or buttoned up and the classic colors pair with everything. I have the brown one and I adore it!

Non-Toxic Nail Polish from People of Color: $12Small Business, BIPOC Owned  – a non-toxic, vegan nail polish company designed specifically for women of color. However, this range is absolutely beautiful and would be amazing on many different skin tones!

Cashmere Gloves from Naadam: $75Sustainably Sourced – who wouldn't love the luxury of cashmere gloves? These are a classic gift anyone would adore! They also come in some great colors!

Cashmere Scarf from Quince: $50Environmentally Conscious + Fair Wage Factories  – wrap up in this cozy cashmere scarf! It's an amazing price point, has the most classic look and pairs well with pretty much any outfit!

Handmade Sapphire Ring from Mary John: $170Small Business, Woman-Owned – I discovered Mary John when I was searching for a birthday gift for my best friend and I fell in love with her shop! She has the most beautiful and dainty jewelry, in classic, timeless designs. I bought this ring for my cousin/bff and she adores it!

Organic Waffle Bathrobe from Coyuchi: $98100% Organic, Non-Toxic – you can never go wrong with a simple and comfy bathrobe! I love the colors this one is made in, as well as the fact that it's 100% organic.

Washable Silk Pajamas from Quince: $80Environmentally Conscious + Fair Wage Factories – a cute set of PJs that are functional and kind of sexy, is what every lady needs! Love that these are also washable!

Linen Scarf from Studio Varisouly: $119Fair Trade, Sustainable, Woman-Owned – one of my favorite accessories is a thin linen scarf! Not only are they versatile, but they're also elegant and can be worn for warmth and style. They won't keep you too hot like cashmere, but are every bit as beautiful!

Plant Mom Market Bag from The Sill: $16Small Business – this cute market bag is perfect for the plant lady in your life! It's also a great price and a cute design too.

White Slip-On Sneakers from Thousand Fell: $120Sustainably Made + Recycled – a classic and practical shoe wrapped into one! They're also made from recycled materials, don't need breaking in, and go well with pretty much everything!

Polarized Sunglasses from Sunski: $58Sustainably Made + Recycled – these are my go-to sunglasses for all occasions! They are flattering, they're fun, they're polarized, and they're a great price. Not to mention they're also made from recycled plastic!

Sea Kale Clay Mask from Cocokind: $18Small Business, BIOPOC Owned, Non-Toxic – if I had to choose one face mask to use, it would be this one. It feels amazing on, it's gentle, it's a great price and it makes my skin absolutely glow!

Rose Highlighter Stick from Cocokind: $12Small Business, BIPOC Owned, Non-Toxic – this is such a fun product because it can be used as a contouring stick, eye shadow, or a simple cheek shimmer!

Vanilla Whipped Body Butter from Urban Serenite: $20Small Business, BIPOC Owned, Non-Toxic – a good body butter is hard to come by and this one is luxurious to the max! It's also made with clean ingredients and doesn't leave you feeling too greasy.

Handmade Greeting Cards from Wicker Goddess: $6 – $20Small Business, Woman-Owned – greeting cards are such a nice gift because they're something everyone can use. I love the options from this shop and think so many people would just love getting them as a gift!

2020 Gift Guides for Him

Gifts for Him

Cashmere Dress Socks from Naadam: $75Sustainable + Ethically Sourced – I think socks are an underrated gift and something that most people actually appreciate! Especially when they're something as luxurious as cashmere socks!

Cashmere Beanie from Naadam: $75Sustainable + Ethically Sourced – I wanted to throw this in here too in case your guy doesn't need a nice pair of socks. A hat on the other hand? Every guy loves a good beanie!

Canvas Weekender Bag from Cuyana: $295Sustainable + Non-Toxic – since most of us are only taking small trips right now (if that!) a nice weekender bag is a great option to pack with. This one has great pockets and is a really nice size.

Beard Oil Travel Kit from Primally Pure: $24Small business + Non-Toxic – if your guy has facial hair, then a good beard oil is a must. It will help their beard stay softer and moisturized, which is better for them and for you!

Monthly Craft Beer Subscription from Craft Beer Club: $49Supports small business – got a guy who loves beer? You and me both! This is a really fun way for them to try new beers while also supporting small businesses across the country.

Nano Puff Vest from Patagonia: $149Made from Recycled Materials – almost all the guys in my family have this vest and they all love it! It's functional and nice looking at the same time!

Bluelight Glasses from Sunski: $58Made from Recycled Materials – we can probably all admit that we have a bit too much screentime and blue light glasses can really help with that. They help protect your eyes and brain from all the blue light that screens give off.

1/4-zip Fleece Pullover from Quince: $45Made from Recycled Materials – Matt recently got this pullover and loves it! It fits him really well, it's soft, and it's the perfect weight for fall and winter. Just a bonus it's made from recycled materials!

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box from Clark + Hopkins: $45Small Business – does your man love spice? Mine does and he's always looking for new hot sauces to try. This box is a sampler of hot sauces from around the world which is so cool!

Ultimate Spice Kit from Fit Men Cook: $40Small Business + BIPOC Owned – to go along with your hot sauces, how about some fun spices to add flavor to their meals? This is a great sampler from an amazing brand!=

White Sneakers from Thousand Fell: $120Made from Recycled Materials – probably one of the most classic shoes out there, every guy needs a good pair of white sneakers. These are chic, comfortable and work with so many different outfits!

Natural Wool Slippers from Kyrgies: $79Fair Trade & Sustainable –  a cozy pair of slippers is one of the best gifts to receive! I almost always recommend shearling slippers, but I found these and loved them. Cozy, comfy, and sustainable at the same time!

Leather Cufflinks from Kingsley Leather: $70Small Business + BIPOC Owned – a cool, almost industrial twist to classic cufflinks! These are handmade, can be personalized and come in a few different colors. I love everything in this guy's shop!

Unscented Deodorant from Primally Pure: $14Small Business – I've been trying for years to get Matt to switch to a non-toxic deodorant and I finally got him over with this one. It doesn't have a scent, and it actually works!

2020 Gift Guides for Kids and New Mom

Gifts for Kiddos/New Mamas

We've got a lot of friends having babies now and I felt like it would be fun for me to source some baby gifts that are non-toxic and safe! I tried to get a good mix of things here and there are definitely products I'll be saving for when I have kiddos of my own!

Non-Toxic Play Dough from Eco Kids: $12Biodegradable, Non-Toxic – all kids love creating with play dough, but it wasn't until now that I really thought about what was in it. This line is made with all-natural materials and is 100% non-toxic.

Animal Parade Puzzle from Begin Again: $27Non-Toxic, Sustainably Created – this cute puzzle is made from sustainably sourced rubberwood, it uses non-toxic stains/colors and each animal has the letter of its name on the front, so it's also educational.

Organic Knit Snuggle Sack from Coyuchi: $78100% Organic + Non-Toxic – cute, snuggly, and safe for your little one! I want to snuggle up in one of these!

Wooden Rainbow Alphabet Puzzle from Etsy: $29 – Small Business – I used to have one of these growing up and I remember playing with it all the time. I love the colors, the fact that it's wood and that it's also educational.

I Am Human Book from Hachette: $15Promotes Empathy – this book is all about teaching kids how to have empathy and making them understand how to be more empathetic.

Weather Station Play Set from Norman + Jules: $55 – <Small Business, Non-Toxic – I think this is the cutest little playset! It's made from wood, is non-toxic and safe, and is just so cute and fun.

Non-Toxic Kids Mattress from Naturepedic: $649 – Non-Toxic, Organic, Safe – I wanted to include this in there because Naturepedic is having a great Black Friday sale, but this is also one of the biggest changes you can make at home. There are so many toxins in traditional mattresses and Naturepedic's are 100% safe and organic. We have one at home and absolutely LOVE it!

Teething Rings from Pretty Please Teethers: $28Non Toxic + BIPOC Owned – another item that most kids use that we don't necessarily think about what they're made of (usually plastic). Anything that is designed to be chewed on, should definitely be non-toxic and safe!

All of Us Crayons from Norman + Jules: $26Promotes DE + I – so many kids love to color and I love the idea of giving them crayons that show many different skin tones. I think the more we can expose kids to diversity when they're young, the better human being they will grow up to be.

Veggie Based Finger Paint from Veggie Baby: $25Non-Toxic, Organic, Safe – these finger paints are colored with vegetables, so they're totally safe if they accidentally get put into the mouth. They're fun and organic!

Kids Craft Set from The Kids Craft: $30Small Business – this fun set is designed to help kids be creative with their crafting! It's got lots of different activities and I love all the colors!

Milk + Cookies Pajamas from Bellabu Bear: $39Non-Toxic, Family Owned – made from non-toxic bamboo, these cute little PJ sets are cozy and lightweight. I love all the patterns they have!

Spoon + Fork Set from January Moon: $18Non-Toxic, Small Business – you'll notice there are a lot of things on this list that involves going into our kiddo's mouths. I think we really need to make sure that all the items we're using at home are as non-toxic and safe as possible!

Personalized “I Can Change the World” Book from Uncommon Goods: $30Promotes DE + I – absolutely LOVE the concept of his book!! You can personalize it to your child's name and it's all about making them feel empowered!


2020 Gift Guides for Non-Toxic Home Products

Gifts for the Home

Last up on our list this year is our gift guide for the home. We've picked out some amazing pieces from some of our favorite small businesses. Many of these are also made using non-toxic ingredients and would make such a great gift!

North Woods Non-Toxic Candle from Borealis Candle: $16Small Business, Woman-Owned – my absolute FAVORITE candle company out there! They're made from coconut + soy waxes and have the most incredible scents. This one more wintery with a mix of pine smells. So great for the holidays! Use code “simplyquinoa” for 15% off!

Black Plum + Vetiver Candle from Borealis Candle: $16Small Business, Woman-Owned – I wanted to include two of her candles on this list because they're so great. This one isn't woodsy at all and smells absolutely incredible! Use code “simplyquinoa” for 15% off!

Porcelain Pencil Holder from Katie M Mudd: $30Small Business, Woman-Owned – with so many of us working from home now, we all want our desk space to look cute. A good pencil holder can do just that! I've been searching for one for ages and I just ordered this. I love it!

Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket from Bearaby: $249Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly – people rave about weighted blankets and I love the way this one looks! I'll be ordering one for our bed and can't wait to test out what it's like to sleep under.

Macrame Plant Hanger from Freefile: $34Small Business, Woman-Owned – perfect for the plant-person in your life! I have one of these hanging in our bedroom and I love it – it's chic and simple!

Ceramic Watering Can from Blk + GrnSmall Business, BIPOC Owned – if your giftee has plants, they need a watering can! Love the way this one looks (I think watering cans should be cute so they can be part of your decor).

Autumn Home Collection from Primally Pure: $84Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly – this bundle includes non-toxic hand soap, essential oil, and a room spray that all smell incredible! They're also packaged really nicely which I love!

Porcelain Dinner Plates from Our Place: $50Non-Toxic, Female Founded – this line of kitchenware is all non-toxic! Their pan has gotten a ton of attention, but I've heard it doesn't last so I didn't include it here. Their plates however look amazing!

Antique Brass Plant Mister from Le Fleur: $45Second Hand, Woman-Owned – cute, functional, and eco-friendly, this antique plant-mister would be a nice addition to any plant lover's home!

Aged Stoneware Crock from Le Fleur: $75Second Hand, Woman-Owned – another really special antique piece, this crock could be used in the kitchen or as a decorative piece in a home. It's from France and has the perfect blend of rustic charm and chic design.

Custom Map Prints from Map Snappy: $70Small Business – these are probably the thing I get asked the most about in our home. We have four custom maps hanging in our dining room and I think they would make an amazing gift!

Speckled White Mugs from Nth Space: $28Small Business, Woman-Owned – whether they're a tea or coffee drinker, everyone loves a handmade mug. These are so cute and a great size too!

Handmade Hanging Planter from Katie M Mudd: $40Small Business, Woman-Owned – another cute gift for a plant lover! I have one of these hanging planters in my office area and I love it. I have a pothos in there and it's just the perfect pot for a cascading plant!

Organic Throw Pillows from Coyuchi: $78100% Organic + Non-Toxic – these gorgeous throw pillow covers come in amazing neutral colors, are 100% organic and non-toxic, and would look so nice in any room of the house.

Simply Nourish 4-Week Plant Based Meal Plan

Other Fun Gift Ideas

And in case you're looking for just a few more fun – food-related! – gift ideas, I wanted to throw a few more options out there for you.

Sustainable Wine Subscription from Dry Farm Wines: $159Sustainable & Natural Wines – for the wine lovers in your life who are also looking to be more health-conscious!

Simply Nourish 4-Week Plant-Based Meal Plan Bundlee from SQ: $79Small Business, Woman-Owned – my hard copy fall meal plan would make an amazing gift! It's 4 weeks worth of healthy, plant-based meals and is designed for two people.

Organic Leafy Greens Starter Kit from Hortiki Plants: $35 – ]Small Business, BIPOC Owned – for anyone who is interested in growing their own food, but doesn't have a full garden, this is a great option!]

Ceremonial Matcha Powder from Ippodo Tea: $35 – Small Business, BIPOC Owned – this is hands down the best matcha I've tasted! It's such high quality, is vibrant and they have a few different “flavors” to choose from.

Superfood Chocolate Truffles from Day Dream Dessert: $23 – ]Small Business, Woman-Owned – a collection of decadent chocolate truffles that are vegan, gluten-free and paleo! They're delicious and so special.

Happy Holidays! 🎁