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July 1, 2019

by Alyssa

Clean Eating Quinoa Recipes for Summer

Here's a collection of the best clean eating quinoa recipes for summer! Healthy breakfasts, salads, appetizers, dinners and more!

35 clean eating quinoa recipes

Now that it's officially summer, I bet your calendar is starting to fill up with trips, camps, weekend getaways and maybe even some backyard cookouts.

I love this time of year because so much fabulous produce is in season – the farmer's markets are bustling with people and the stalls are overflowing with fruits and veggies. And it's a great place to find recipe inspiration for your summertime meals. Everything is fresh and healthy!

The thing that can be both exciting and challenging about summer, is all these different activities we have planned. When you're out and about or going over to a friend's house for a party, chances are you're not going to be surrounded with the type of healthy food you're accustomed to eating. And since many of you (me included) are conscious of the foods you put into your bodies, I'm sure you know that most traditional “BBQ” foods are just terrible. Burgers, hot dogs, sausages, pasta and potato salad, dips, chips, desserts and more. (and don't even get me started on the soda…)

So that's why I've pulled together a list of 15 clean eating quinoa recipes that you can make all summer long. Bring them with you on a picnic, serve them at a pool party or even just whip them up for a casual dinner with friends and family. These recipes are light, healthy and delicious, and full of real foods. You can skip on the processed junk without sacrificing any flavor in the process!


Healthy Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl with Strawberry

Strawberry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
from Simply Quinoa


Best Quinoa Waffles Recipe

Banana Quinoa Waffles
from Simply Quinoa


Easy Quinoa Flour Pancakes

The Best Quinoa Flour Pancakes
from Simply Quinoa


Healthy Yogurt Bowls with Fruit

Strawberry + Peach Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
from Simply Quinoa


NO-BAKE Raspberry Quinoa Cookies -- use less than 10 ingredients, are totally healthy and taste like cheesecake!

No-Bake Raspberry Quinoa Cookies
from Simply Quinoa


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Quinoa Muffins
from Simply Quinoa


How to Store Breakfast Quinoa

Triple Berry Quinoa Breakfast Bake
from Simply Quinoa


Healthy Zucchini Chocolate Chip Pancakes with syrup

Healthy Zucchini Chocolate Chip Pancakes
from Simply Quinoa


Gluten-Free Quinoa Pancakes with Banana

Simple Banana Pancakes
from Simply Quinoa


Easy Appetizers + Dips For A Crowd

Vegan Mexican Layer Dip

Clean Eating Refried Bean Dip
from Simply Quinoa


Gluten-Free Veggie Fritters
from Simply Quinoa


Quinoa Spring Rolls with Cashew Dipping Sauce
from Minimalist Baker


Vegan Buffalo Quinoa Bites & Vegan Ranch Dip
from Simply Quinoa


How to Make Vegan Tater Tots

Vegan Sweet Potato Tots
from Simply Quinoa


how to make healthy zucchini fritters

5-Ingredient Healthy Zucchini Fritters
from Simply Quinoa


Healthy Quinoa Salad Recipes

triple berry quinoa salad with a lime vinaigrette

Maple Lime Triple Berry Quinoa Salad
from Simply Quinoa


Tropical Kale & Quinoa Power Salad
from Simply Quinoa


Quinoa Greek Salad with Chickpeas

Quinoa Greek Salad with Chickpeas
from Simply Quinoa


This summery Zucchini Quinoa Salad is light, flavorful and packed with healthy ingredients!

Summer Squash + Zucchini Quinoa Salad
with Toasted Pine Nuts
from Simply Quinoa


Totally Addicting Vegetarian Kale Salad with crispy chickpeas, hard boiled eggs and toasted quinoa

Vegetarian Kale Salad with Toasted Quinoa
from Simply Quinoa


Curried Quinoa Salad
from Minimalist Baker


Blackberry & Apricot Salad with Quinoa and Mint

Blackberry Apricot Quinoa Salad
from Simply Quinoa


High Protein Quinoa Salad with Lentils

Creamy Kale Lentil Quinoa Salad
from Simply Quinoa


Homemade Vegetarian Quinoa Burgers

Vegan Carrot Burgers with Chickpeas

Curried Chickpea Carrot Burgers
from Simply Quinoa


tex mex quinoa burgers with grilled corn and black beans

Tex-Mex Quinoa Burgers
from Simply Quinoa


Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burger
from Minimalist Baker


Simple Vegan Quinoa Burgers dressed in a dreamy turmeric-tahini sauce!

Vegan Quinoa Burgers
from Simply Quinoa


Baked Quinoa Falafel with Turmeric Sauce
from Simply Quinoa


Beet + Quinoa Veggie Burgers - these tasty burgers are packed with veggies and won't fall apart on you!

Beet + Quinoa Veggie Burgers
from Simply Quinoa


Crowd-Pleasing Quinoa Dessert Recipes

Best Apricot Oatmeal Bar Recipe

Gluten-Free Apricot Oatmeal Bars
from Simply Quinoa


Best Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Simply Quinoa


Blender Blackberry Quinoa Cakes
from Simply Quinoa


Dark Chocolate Quinoa Pudding | a decadent, indulgent and surprisingly healthy treat! | www.simplyquinoa.com

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Pudding
from Simply Quinoa


These HEALTHY Raspberry Quinoa Brownies are packed with protein (4.5g per brownie!) and vegan!

Healthy Raspberry Quinoa Brownies
from Simply Quinoa


Easy Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

Healthy Quinoa Carrot Cake
from Simply Quinoa



35 clean eating quinoa recipes

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  2. They all look amazing! .. Recently converted my boyfriend to Quinoa when i made your fried Quinoa dish! .. went down a storm.
    Its so versatile, going to try the English muffins soon!
    thank you 😀


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