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July 8, 2016

by Alyssa

What I Eat In a Day: Episode 7

What I Eat in a Day: Episode #7 — a video series from Alyssa Rimmer all showing you how to eat simple, clean and healthy dishes!

What I Eat in a Day: Episode #7 -- a video series from Alyssa Rimmer all showing you how to eat simple, clean and healthy dishes!

I'm psyched to be back sharing another What I Eat in a Day video for you! You guys have been totally loving this series and I've loved reading all your comments about how they're giving you ideas for your own healthy meals. That's totally my goal with these videos — to show you how I'm eating in hopes to help you make healthier choices for your own meals — and it's awesome to know it's actually working!

So today was a teeny bit different than my normal routine for a few reasons:

  1. I'm in Vermont at my parent's house, so don't have the same equipment or groceries as I normally do
  2. My eating schedule was a bit off because I worked out at the gym with my mom in the morning and then we did errands, so I ended up need to snack before I had an actual breakfast
  3. Recipe tested all day, so my lunch + dinner were both recipes I was testing for the blog (linked below!)

Other than that, this is a fairly typical day eating wise. I tend to normally eat more salad that I did today, but I definitely made a point to still eat lots of veggies!

So let's dive in to today's new video:


  • Pre-Breakfast – Filtered Water with Lemon
  • Pre-Workout – 2 Turkish Figs
  • Post-Workout Snack – Dried Mulberries, Dried Mango + Strawberry Kombucha
  • Breakfast – Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
  • Lunch – Veggie Quinoa Sushi
  • Snack – Sliced Apples + Vermont Peanut Butter
  • Dinner – BBQ Quinoa Pizza (recipe coming Sunday!) + Pesto Quinoa Pizza with sauteed zucchini, peppers + kale

Products I mentioned in the video: Dried Mulberries, Dried Mango, Strawberry Kombucha, Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Powder, Nori Sheets, Vermont Peanut Butter, Vegan BBQ Sauce, BlendTec Twister Jar

What types of videos would you like to see next?

I'm always looking for suggestions for video and blog content, so if you have some ideas or specific recipes/content you'd like to see, let me know! I actually put together a little form, so if you have time, please fill it out so I can get your ideas on paper!

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  1. so, I know a girl whos diet consists of quinoa, goat cheese and very few vegetables/fruits and vitamins. she can not have meat, sugars, most typical carbs, lactose. do you have any recipes that might work for her? I want to make her something but I am kind of limited in what I can use.

    • It sounds like a simple quinoa salad would be perfect! I would just cook up some quinoa, toss in some crumbled goat cheese and add whatever veggies she can have (also some fruit — like watermelon/berries would be nice). Then serve it with a simple lemon olive oil dressing and I bet it would be scrumptious!


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