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December 8, 2014

by Alyssa

How Would you Stock your Kitchen

How to stock your kitchen - a reader challenge from Simply QuinoaToday we're doing something a little bit different. Almost like a game!

If you follow other food bloggers, you might notice that this time of year there are gift guides galore. Everyone is giving you advice and sharing what products they recommend you purchase that fit within their niche. Don't get me wrong, I think these gift guides are awesome, but I thought that we could do something a teensy bit more fun and creative.

Rather than me sharing a gift guide and giving you product recommendations, I want to hear from you! I want to know what's on your list this holiday season!

Let's put ourselves in a hypothetical situation: if you were to walk into a giant kitchen store, that sold every gadget, appliance, trinket, etc. imaginable, and someone greeted you to the store by saying, “it's your lucky day – we're giving you $500 to spend in our shop!” What would you buy?

You can choose as many products as long as you keep the cost under $500.

Let's use Amazon's Home & Kitchen Store for our prices as they have pretty much every item you could thinking. But rather than you getting caught up in the details, really I'm just trying to see what kitchen items you have on your wish list this year! It might even inspire some of my own 🙂

Let me know you choices in the comments below – happy shopping!

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  1. If I had $500.00 I would like a Le Creuset french oven & a small Cuisinart food processor, the 3-4 cup size & that is all.

  2. Would love a full sized food processor, a new blender, and a doughnut dispenser, and…. maybe a couple attachments for my Kitchen Aid mixer.

  3. I would put the 500 straigt towards a kitchen aid stand mixer in the proline series..I dont own a mixer as yet

  4. I would like a new natural spices, Wok, food processor, blender,toaster oven, blender and matching tupperware with the black tops to re-organize my cabinets.

  5. Ooooh – – – Dear Santa – I would love to get a Kitchen Aid mixer or a good juicer. 🙂 You are right – that was fun.

    • YES! Those are all such great choices, Kristi. Lots of folks are asking for a food dehydrator this year – sounds like I need to do a little bit more experimenting with my own 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  6. Fun! I would like a Excaliber Food Dehydrator, a Programmable Pressure Cooker and a Zojirushi NS-LAC05 XT Micom Rice Cooker.

    • Love those ideas, Julie! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m definitely going to need to look more into pressure cookers – lots of people have mentioned those!

  7. I want an espresso machine! I love cappacinos and lattes and would love to wake up every morning to a fresh cup!

  8. Hi Alyssa,
    I would pick the following:
    1  BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ (I feel like Ralphie saying all the things about the BB gun he wants for Christmas!  I really also would want the Cuisinart FP-14DC Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast, but it’s too expensive at 262.99.) 
    1 Breville BOV800PC13 13-Inch Pizza Crisper for use with the BOV800XL Smart Oven 
     1 OXO 10-Piece Good Grips Pop Containers Set
    1 E-z-rol Garlic Peeler 
    1 BAFX Products Non Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometer 
    1 Nonstick French Bread/Baguette Pan – 16 x 8 Inch 
    2 sets of DCS Deals Foil Oven Liner 18.5 X 15.5 Inch – Set of 2 
    1 Better Houseware Large Organizer White – 2-Pack
    1 Snapware 18-Piece Airtight Plastic Container Set
    1 12″ Disposable Decorating Bags Kee-seal
    Yowza! I have 70 cents leftover.

    • Susan, you are awesome!! I’ve had my eye on that toaster too – doesn’t it just look amazing!? Like the idea of the pizza crisper too – just need a bigger kitchen 😉 Thanks for sharing your picks!

  9. Oh wow! This looks like fun! 🙂 🙂
    OK, if I had $500, I would spend it on Danielle Walker’s Cookbook Meals Made Simple, a new tablecloth, a new toaster oven, and a lot of other cookbooks as well! 🙂 And a gluten free bread maker… 🙂 😉


    • Aren’t Danielle’s books amazing? I have her first one and I love it. I’m sure her second one is just as good. I love all your other pics too. I’m also a cookbook collector so I have a few on my list I’m hoping to get 🙂 Happy Holidays, Kelly!

    • Pressure cooker – woo! I haven’t done much research about those, but have heard they are awesome. I love your list Liane, hope you get what you’re hoping for 🙂

    • YES! I’m so in love with my crockpot 🙂 Even though I work from home and don’t really *need* to fix and forget, it still feels like a life saver. Fingers crossed for you, Deb! xo


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