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Leftovers Repurposed

Tiny Thai served over Quinoa

Well here it is: my first post about Quinoa. Let me begin by telling you that quinoa is tasty with any and all foods. American, Italian, French, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Thai. You name it and quinoa is the perfect mate.

Being from Vermont, you would expect our food options to be limited. However I am happy to report that Burlington seems to be a hub of ethnic cuisine, spanning from Japanese to Mexican to Middle Eastern. Matt, who you have yet to be introduced to, is my fabulous boyfriend and gluten-free partner in crime (who is happily willing to be my taste tester). I bring him up because we love the variety of food in Btown and eat out as much as we can. Bringing me to my next point: leftovers.

I used to be a leftover hater. Refused to eat anything the next day and would forcibly eat too much at dinner just to avoid having the leftover food in the fridge. It wasn't until I became a ‘grown-up' and had to pay for food on my own, that I truly embraced the power that leftovers have. They are awesome.

At least once every other week we venture across the river to Winooski and eat at Tiny Thai. The meals are so cheap and so good that we always have leftovers, typically translating to yet another delicious dinner the following night.

Now, the whole point of this post is to show you how versatile quinoa can be. Well it's as simple as this: cook some quinoa (for two of us we usually cook 1/2 a cup) and serve it under your reheated leftovers. It magically absorbs the flavors of the food and packs a little more umph to your dinner.

Rose's Chicken from Tiny Thai

Easy. Versatile. Delicious. The power of Quinoa. Enjoy!

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