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Quinoa & Veggie Collard Wraps

Author - Alyssa Rimmer

Veggie + Quinoa Collard Wraps - healthy, vegan lunch that will fill you up

I've recently fallen in love with collard wraps.

It stems from my love of sandwiches, which turned into a love for wraps in high school when I wanted to go lighter on the carbs and skip the bread. But now, while I still love my gluten-free wraps and sandwiches, I've realized that I can have that same exact lunch taste just as delicious, but pack it with even more veggies.

It's basically like eating a salad just in wrap form. And by eating it in wrap form, it no longer tastes like that boring old salad. Instead, you're eating a wholesome sandwich that's loaded with nutrition.

It's fun. It's exciting. And it's yummy.

Veggie + Quinoa Collard Wraps - healthy, vegan lunch that will fill you up

When I'm making my wraps, I like to start with a good base. Something that will hold the ingredients together, but will also meld with all the flavors and give the wrap some substance.

That typically means hummus and/or guacamole; hummus adding some protein and guac giving you a nice dose of healthy fats.

Then you need to layer in some crunchy veggies for texture and I always add quinoa for a little extra protein kick.

Veggie + Quinoa Collard Wraps - healthy, vegan lunch that will fill you up

They all come together into the perfect lunch wrap.

You know, I feel like often times collard greens get a bad rap. I'm guilty of that because whenever I used to hear “collards”, my mind immediately jumped to the traditional Southern dish that frankly didn't sound too appealing. But as I started to learn more about them, I realized that collards are one of those greens, like kale and chard, that are packed with good-for-you things – protein, fiber and other vitamins.

And with their broad, sturdy leaves, and mild flavor, they make the perfect sandwich wrapping vessel.

So next time you're reaching for those overpriced gluten-free wraps at the grocery store, stop in the produce section and pick up a bunch of collards. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Veggie + Quinoa Collard Wraps - healthy, vegan lunch that will fill you up

While I do change up my wrap fillings most days, this combo has to be my favorite.

I love the creaminess from the hummus, the crunch from the cucumber, the juiciness from the tomato and the subtle texture from the carrots and quinoa.

Of course, there are a million and one ways you can stuff these babies, so I encourage you to play with your own recipes. Instead of making your go-to sandwich (or wrap) for lunch tomorrow, try putting those ingredients into a collard wrap.

They're just as filling, just as satisfying and way healthier.



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  1. You know eating a variety of green vegetables are most important. These wraps are amazing! What a delightful summer dish. Such a healthy meal. Since the collards are thick great for holding the other ingredients together, Thanks for this recipe. I might use it as a healthy appetizer for parties.

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  2. Those look yummy, I’m not sure we get collard greens in France, but I could maybe try with a cabbage leaf?
    Yes a carrot cake recipe sounds yummy – please let it be dairy free, gluten free, egg free 🙂 not asking too much am I ;p

  3. Carrot cake is a favorite around here with my gang and is made about twice a year due to its excessive caloric count. Help with a heathlier yummier (can I say that) version would be most appreciated!! Thanks for all you do to make my life simpler. Xoxox

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