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December 9, 2012

by Alyssa

Super Healthy Cookies {a giveaway}

Super Healthy Cookies by Hallie Klecker | Giveaway from @alyssarimmer
Image courtesy of Hallie Klecker

If you're anything like me then you love sweets. The problem is, they're usually wildly unhealthy. They go straight to your hips, butt or thighs (or all three in some cases), and let's be real, you can never stop at just one. So, what are you to do?

I'm here to tell you a little secret. I have a book full of delicious, and I mean out-of-this-world tasty, treats that you can enjoy guilt-free. Guilt-free sweets? Yes, this book will transform the way you look at your desserts. Because this book is exploding with healthy, delicious, gluten-free treats.

Super Healthy Cookies by Hallie Klecker | Giveaway from @alyssarimmer

Super Healthy Cookies, is a new cookbook by my friend Hallie Klecker, who writes the delightful blog, Daily Bites. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend stopping by, Hallie's recipes are seriously amazing. The book features 50 (yes, 50!!) gluten-free and dairy-free cookie recipes which are all insanely good for you. Plus, Hallie uses my most favorite food on the planet, the oh-so-lovely quinoa, in some her recipes!

Here's a peek at what you have to look forward to:

  • Grain-Free Granola Cookies
  • Quinoa Cranberry Orange Cookies
  • Chocolate Covered Mint Patties
  • Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge Cups
  • Apple Carrot Quinoa Balls
  • Coffee Cake Cookies
  • Ginger Walnut Cookies

But honestly, every single cookie in this book looks and sound amazing. I can't wait to cook my way through every single recipe. AND guess what? Now is your chance to win a copy of this one of a kind book. If you're ready to get your bake on and start creating healthy, family-friendly cookies, then this book is perfect for you. I'm excited to share this amazing cookbook with you!

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  1. Would love every cookie to be healthy, but after making fudge this week and over indulging.. i would LOVE to find a healthy version of fudge (YAH RIGHT )

  2. Peanut Butter cookies are the best. Would love a guilt free version 🙂

    Love this Alyssa… the raffle tool is sweet, your blog is awesome, your recipes are delish… I miss you!

  3. Shortbread cookies would be my ultimate request for a healthy cookie. I’m not sure how to replicate that fabulous buttery melt in your mouth quality 🙂

  4. I would love to find a way to make the “black and white” cookies healthier, those were always my favorite before I had to go gluten free!

  5. I would love to make oreos healthier and gluten-free! I love dipping them in milk, but since I had to give up gluten I can’t eat them anymore.

  6. I would love to learn how use more quinoa in my recipes, especially sweets. Chocolate chip cookies would be the first to make healthier.

  7. What cookie wouldn’t I make healthier? I love cookies. If this book means we can all have cookies for breakfast, I’m getting it for Christmas!

  8. My favorite cookies in the whole wide world are gingersnaps. I would def. be interested in making them a bit healthier!

  9. Cookies are definitely one of my favorite treats. I’m a sucker for the classic chocolate chip cookie, but I’d like to try all kinds!

  10. I would love to make a healthier version of my boyfriend’s favorite cookies: Chocolate Mint Crinkles. So far, I have yet to find a way to make them healthier and still delicious!


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