My Favorite At Home Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Author - Alyssa Rimmer

Living in New York definitely has its pros and cons. On the one hand we have access to pretty much everything imaginable and most of the time it's right around the corner. And often at all hours of the night. There's also a ton to do in this city; it caters to pretty much all types of interests. From the shopping, the food, the sights and the even the park (for all you outdoorsy folks), New York has it all.

But visiting is one thing. Living here is another.

What it's really like to live in New York City and workout at home -- find tips for working out in small spaces here!

One of the biggest adjustments for me when we moved to New York was the space. Even though the city feels huge, everything in it feels small. Subways are crowded, grocery stores are crowded, sidewalks are crowded and even apartments can feel crowded…especially when you live with your significant other and a dog.

Then there's the whole cost thing. Everything in New York is expensive. It was shocked to discover that the things I could afford when we lived in Vermont simply weren't going to be in the budget anymore. The gym being one of them.

So I started working out at home. It was really tough at first, but I really started to find my groove and now I actually really love it. I can go at my own pace. Can workout whenever I want. Don't have to “drag” myself to the gym. I think now that I have my own “home gym” I'm so much more likely to workout every day.

I think a common misconception about working out at home is that you need a lot of space. Sure, space is helpful, but that's not a luxury I have right now. Our entire apartment is just about 600 feet, so my workout space is limited to say the least. I actually workout in front of our TV in between our media console and the coffee table. It's just big enough to lay down my yoga mat.

That might seem crazy to those of you with large living rooms or even entire rooms dedicated to your workout space, but for me, it totally works. And it beats paying $100+ per month on a gym membership. You really don't need a lot of space to have an effective workout.

So for those of you who have limited space like me, but still want to workout, I've a list of my favorite at home exercise equipment for small spaces. This is all the equipment I have and personally use on a weekly basis – it's small, easily stored and SUPER effective.

TOP 7 AT-HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR SMALL SPACES!! Want to work out at home but feeling cramped? Check out the MUST HAVE exercise equipment when you have no space to workout!

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1) Adjustable Dumbbells. I am seriously obsessed with these weights. In the past year I have focused more on strength training and I have seen huge improvements. These dumbbells allow you to go from 3lbs all the way to 24lbs (which is definitely enough for me) and take up the space of just 1 set of weights! $160 (these are perfect for women)

2) Kettlebell. If you haven't worked out with kettlebells before, they're amazing. They burn a ton of calories in a small amount of time and are really effective. I have just one (a 15lb one) and it takes up no space, but is a nice change of pace from dumbbells. $10 – 50

3) Yoga Mat. Even if you don't do yoga at home, I think having a yoga mat is pretty important. It gives extra cushioning and also helps you from sliding around too much if you're on carpet. There are millions to choose from, but I'm partial to the Jade Yoga mats. $50 – 90

4) Resistance Bands. Not only are these great for travel, but they're also an effective tool to add to your strength training routines. They're great for toning and flexibility and take up practically zero space. $30

5) Mini Resistance Band Loops. If you're looking for a good booty exercise, these bands are awesome, especially for your outer thighs. They're also cheap and teeny tiny so you can easily store them or take them with you. $10 – 20

6) Mini Inflatable Exercise Ball. The larger version of these are awesome, but when you've got limited space they're not really an option. That's why I love the mini version. You can use it for a lot of different things, but I love it for abs and inner thighs. $10

7) Mini Foam Roller. Ahhh the foam roller. I have a love-hate relationship with this bad boy; even tough I know it's good for me, it hurts like hell. These are so good for stretching out your muscles and help with lengthening. The mini versions are easy store and still relieve those tired muscles. $40



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  1. Exercising at home is a great alternative, as is exercising outside by running or biking for example, to going to a gym. Which larger gym equipment items, like a stepper, do you recommend?

    • I don’t really have any larger equipment because I don’t have the space, so I can’t really recommend anything 🙂 Maybe an exercise ball?

  2. Yes i do agree with your perspective and you are so much more likely to workout every day as you take exercise at home .
    You referred here some of very necessary and effective home equipment for taking exercise and i would like to recommend to add treadmill with these equipment for taking home exercises . Any way it has to be said , this is awesome and very much tonic article .

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