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Alyssa from Simply Quinoa

Welcome to Simply Quinoa

I’m Alyssa, the quinoa-loving girl behind Simply Quinoa.  If you’ve ever:

  • Wanted to explore the world of quinoa, but weren’t sure where to start
  • Juggled multiple food allergies and struggled to find recipes that your family enjoys
  • Found yourself in search of answers to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet
  • Wished for a healthy version of your favorite not-so-healthy meal
  • Or, felt sluggish and eager to shed a few of those pesky pounds

Well, you’re in the right place, my friend!

Here’s how we’ll simplify our health and energize our lives.

I truly believe that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated, quite the opposite, in fact! Together, we’ll discover the wondrous world of healthy cooking through simple, wholesome recipes that never sacrifice on flavor.

Along the way we’ll see that nourishing our bodies with nutrient-rich foods brings about magical changes. We suddenly feel lighter. We feel awakened and energized. We feel alive.

Trust me, I know that embracing this new lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges. There will be ups and there will definitely be downs. But, take heart, because you won’t be doing it alone.

Thousands of others just like you and me have already joined our vibrant community! We’re on this journey together, sharing our stories and experiences, learning from each other, and enjoying great food! I’ll be with you each step of the way.

Together, we’ll reinvigorate our relationship with food, enjoy making nutritious (and delicious) quinoa recipes, and have some real fun in the process! Won't you join us too?

Introducing Simply Quinoa

I created Simply Quinoa to share my passion for healthy cooking and my love for quinoa.  But it has become so much more. Simply Quinoa is now a thriving community of food-lovers who embrace their food allergies and sensitivities, are not afraid to venture out of their kitchen comfort zones, and love the positive impact these recipes have on their health and bodies.

Every recipe you will make here on Simply Quinoa is superfood-dense. Quinoa is our star ingredient and enhances all our meals in one way or another. I like to say that we’re eating gluten-free, refined sugar-free and primarily dairy-free, always with a little quinoa twist.

My recipes, products and programs are full of actionable wisdom and encouragement to help you create the life you seek and deserve. By immersing yourself in the Simply Quinoa community, you’ll gain access to not only my knowledge and experiences, but to those of all the other amazing food-lovers here.

Alyssa at Simply Quinoa

My Story

I’m Alyssa, a Vermont girl at heart now living in New York City, enjoying a serious love affair with quinoa. I have a Business degree from UVM and am a certified Holistic Nutritionist through the AFPA (American Fitness Professionals Association).

I’ve lived gluten-free for almost four years and can happily say that it changed my life. For years I struggled with chronic stomach pains, digestion issues, low energy and a slew of other discomforts. To me, these were normal; I just assumed everyone else felt the same way. I was used to living uncomfortably, until one day I decided to fight back and make a lifestyle change. I wanted to live the full, satisfying life that was eluding me.

So I stripped all the junk from my diet and focused on eating entirely natural, whole foods. Within days I felt like an entirely new person. A shroud had been lifted, the fog was gone. While it was never about my weight, the pounds started melting away. I felt as if my body was gaining its true form, becoming the woman that had been hidden beneath a cloak of processed, gluten-filled foods.

My hope is that you will find inspiration here on Simply Quinoa – in my story, in my recipes, and in shared comments from our thoughtful community members. Please know that this is a place to celebrate your exquisite beauty and for your inner light to truly shine.

Ready to get started?

Awesome! The first thing I'd love for you to do is join my newsletter so I can send you a copy of my Quinoa Starter Guide. This will introduce you to the wonderful world of quinoa, give you tips on how to properly cook it and outlines the best recipes to start off with.

From there, feel free to take a look around! Check out my recipe catalog, my resources page and my kitchen pantry store.

I'm excited to share this little space of the internet with you and look forward to seeing you on the blog!

xo Alyssa