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So, here you are! You’re about to become a Lemon Dropper and get VERY oily. That’s a good thing! There was a day when I was sure that those little bottles of oily goodness were a total scam. Now we use them daily for hundreds, if not thousands, of things!

The Lemon Droppers are a pretty amazing group of oilers. We are all about education and helping our folks get the most out of their oily bottles. We’re no-pressure, all fun. Yea. You won’t ever be pressured to buy anything or to sell oils. We just don’t work that way.

When You Buy a Premium Starter Kit You Also Get:

  • 24% of future Young Living purchases
  • Membership to our exclusive, oily Lemon Dropper chat group
  • An intro to your new kit via a private video group
  • I’m here to help you too! And I mean that! I support all of my members however I can!

Here’s Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit in all it’s glory!!

New PSK v1.1
Sign up HERE to get your Premium Starter Kit!

The enroller and sponsor number will be filled in – double check to make sure it’s 2681451.

Here’s a photo tutorial on how to create your account – use member number 2681541 as your enroller and sponsor.

Ok! Go get oily!!



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