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10 Best Quinoa Products

High Protein Quinoa Bread using Bob's Red Mill Quinoa flour
High Protein Quinoa Bread using Bob's Red Mill Quinoa flour

I often get asked by readers, “What are your favorite products?”. It's always a hard question to answer because there are so many that I love, but I wanted to share my absolute ten favorite ones with you. I've hand-picked these products because they're the ones you can always find in my pantry and ones that I continually purchase because they are high-quality and reliable.

Whether you're just starting out with quinoa, or are a seasoned pro, use this page as a reference for stellar products to keep as staples in your quinoa pantry. These quick reviews of my favorite products are not sponsored by the manufacturers; these opinions are 100% my own.


1. Bob's Red Mill White Quinoa

White (or golden) quinoa is the main ingredient I use in most of my cooking. I love the texture that the Bob's Red Mill variety has – both in cooking and in baking. I find that it's fluffy, mild in flavor and cooks evenly. This is particularly important in baking as I find that it doesn't interfere with other textures, but rather adds a soft crunch and more moisture.


2. Bob's Red Mill Red Quinoa

Another favorite of mine is the red quinoa from Bob's Red Mill. While red and white quinoa definitely have different textures, I have found that Bob's remains consistent in flavor and works wonders in fresh salads, stir fries and breakfast bowls. Don't be surprised with the extra crunch, I've found that tends to just be the way red quinoa cooks.


3. Alter Eco Rainbow Quinoa

You may already know this, but rainbow quinoa is my favorite. I love it because it's a blend of white, red and black quinoa and it has the most sensational texture. It's soft and fluffy, while still being crunchy. It has body and can stand up to bolder ingredients, but can also melt into the background of a dish without overpowering it. Alter Eco makes a lovely variety that cooks evenly and always tastes delicious.


4. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti

Sometimes, regular old quinoa just won't cut it for me. Sometimes you just need to have some pasta. And when I do want pasta, I turn to Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti. Their linguine is amazing; it tastes better than regular pasta, is never mushy and when cooked to al dente? Oh man, there's almost nothing better.


5. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Rotelle

While I love me some spaghetti, I also love, love, love rotelle (or fusilli) pasta. Again, the variety from Ancient Harvest definitely does not disappoint. I find that it not only holds up well against a heavy sauce, but you can also use it for pasta salads or even add it to a skillet and toss it with fresh veggies and a vegan alfredo sauce.


6. Bob's Red Mill Quinoa Flour

By now you know I have a serious love affair with baking, especially when I'm baking with quinoa (heck I even wrote a book about it!). It took a little while to find the right flour, but Bob's Red Mill is it. I absolutely adore it. Whether I'm making pizza, bread, muffins or cookies, I'm always happy with the result when I use Bob's.


7. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes

Another staple in my pantry are quinoa flakes. I not only use them in baking (like pizza, english muffins, pancakes, etc.), but I also use them for a super fast breakfast cereal. Ancient Harvest makes a wonderful product and is the brand you'll be most likely to find when searching for them in-store. You can get them at places like Whole Foods, Sprouts and other natural grocery stores.


8. Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar

What would my list be without something chocolatey? My obsession with chocolate got a whole long stronger when I discovered that Alter Eco was brilliantly adding quinoa to their dark chocolate bars. They've combined two of my favorite ingredients into one decadent treat that I now can't live without. You'll always find a bar or two stashed away in my freezer (yes, I keep my chocolate in my freezer…?), and I'll break off a piece every night to have with my mint tea.


9. All Clad 1.5qt Saucepan

The next two are not directly quinoa products, but are two things that I use on a daily basis and couldn't imagine not having in my kitchen. My All Clad 1.5 qt saucepan is by far the most used pot. It's the perfect size to cook quinoa in, I find that my quinoa never burns and every time it is fluffy and delicious! Now I know these pans are a bit pricey, but I have to tell you, it's worth every penny. Not only do they have a lifetime guarantee, but these thing are durable and reliable. I've had mine for years and it's still looks almost new (and I use it every. single. day.).


10. Wide Mouth Mason Jars

This might seem like a funny thing to have on my list, but believe me when I say: these jars will change your life. If you're like me, and you don't like keeping your ingredients in bags, then wide mouth mason jars are perfect for you! I store all my quinoa products in these jars and love how organized my pantry looks. I also love that they're glass and not plastic (better for us!) and clear so I know exactly what I'm grabbing. If your pantry tends to get out of control, which is hard to avoid, I think mason jars could be really helpful for you!


And there you have it: my top 10 favorite quinoa products! Do you think I missed something? Want to share your favorites? Leave me a comment below!


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