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Health Benefits of Indoor Plants + Tips for Beginners

There are so many health benefits of indoor plants! We're sharing all of the best reasons why you should add indoor plants to your house. Plus we've got some plant care tips for beginners included! 

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants + Tips for Beginners

One of the things I wanted to do when we moved into our new apartment (post-Europe trip), was to buy plants. Our old apartment had very little natural light, but this one? It's flooded with it. I almost wanted to create a jungle!

Not only do I think plants fill a space with warmth, but they also create a real vibe of hominess. I wanted that for this new place.

But as I learned more about house plants, I also learned, there are some pretty amazing health benefits of indoor plants too. So you're not only getting a cute space, but they're making you healthy at the same time? I'm so here for it!

Birds of Paradise Plant Care

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants are pretty amazing. In many ways, but specifically, I want to talk about the health benefits of them. Now you do need to be careful, plants can also be toxic, but most indoor plants are safe for humans.

Some of my favorite health benefits include:

Air Purification

Number one on my list is the effect that plants have on the air. Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air, while also adding oxygen, making it easier to breathe. Some plants can also reduce levels of certain pollutants, so if you live in a city, that's a major bonus. In addition, plants can also reduce airborne dust levels which makes them great for people with dust allergies.

Natural Humidifiers

Plants add moisture to the air which again, helps with breathing and with the air quality. If you live somewhere dry or the air gets really dry in the winter, they're great to place in every room of your house. If you have a bedroom that you can load up with plants even better – they'll add moisture and help reduce the air temperature, making it perfect for sleeping.

Improve Mental Health

You might have heard the saying, “Plants make people happy!” And it's actually true. Plants and flowers do make people happy. In fact, studies have shown that hospital patients who have plants or flowers in their rooms often recover more quickly.

In addition to happiness, plants are living things and need care. So the physical act of caring for something can help reduce the feelings of loneliness and desperation. When we care for something and feel needed, it helps to keep us more secure.

There are many more health benefits of indoor plants that just these, but I've chosen the 3 that I love the most!

Are Plants Toxic to Pets?

If you have pets, that's another thing to research. Many house plants are actually toxic to dogs and cats. Most of them are not lethal, but if you have pets at home, you'll want to be mindful of what plants you have that are in reach of them.

If you have a pet that doesn't pay attention to plants, as Trevi does, you're probably okay. But still, be mindful! Here's a list of the houseplants that are toxic to pets.

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Best Plants for Beginners

If you're just getting started with plants, like I am, I wanted to share just a few of my favorite plants for beginners. These plants don't need much attention, are easy to take care of, and are fairly adaptable to different conditions.

  • Snake plants: these are the plants I started with because they are the easiest of the easy. They don't require much light, they don't need much water and they can kind of just chill in a corner and be there to make you smile.
  • ZZ Plants: another option for low light, ZZ plants are also super chill. They don't need much water but can be toxic to animals, so keep that in mind!
  • Ferns: I love ferns! Ferns are a great option if you have medium/indirect light. They usually want to be watered about once per week and also like the occasional misting (since they like humidity).
  • Succulents: If you've got a bright sunny location at home, succulents are for you! They love the sunshine and don't need much water. They like to fully dry out between waterings, so usually, you water once every other week.
  • Money Tree: not only are these plants meant to bring good fortune, but they're also really easy to take care of. They like medium light, don't need a ton of water, and grow really quickly. If you have a home office, definitely consider adding a money tree to bring you good luck!

Benefits of Indoor Houseplants

Plant Care Tips for Beginners

Before you go out and buy a ton of plants, I want to share just a few tips that have helped me along the way:

  1. Understand your light: different plants like different types of light, so you need to know what kind of light you have at home before you buy the plant. Also, keep in mind that some parts of your home might have different lighting conditions, so you can have some types of plants in one place, another type of plant in another place.
  2. Get on a watering schedule: I created this Plant Care Tracker for you to copy if you want an easy way to keep track of all your plants and their specific needs. If you're Type A like me,  you'll love this!
  3. Start with the Easy Ones: pick up easy plants, to begin with until you get the hang of it!
  4. Start Small: start by getting just a few plants and seeing how you settle in with those before filling your house like a jungle. Once you get used to taking care of your plants, you can continue to add to your plant family!

If you have any specific questions, drop them down in the comments for me!

Where to Buy Plants Online

And lastly, I wanted to chat about where you can buy plants online! There are many plant stores that deliver nationwide, so a quick Google search will definitely give you some answers. Also, look locally – some of your local plant stores might also sell online!

  • The Sill: local to NYC, but they ship nationwide and their plants are always super healthy.
  • RootedNYC: also ships nationwide!
  • Bloomscape: I haven't personally tried them, but they have a great selection.

If you live in NYC, I also love Greenery Unlimited!

Best Houseplants for Beginners

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants + Tips for Beginners
Health Benefits of Indoor Plants + Tips for Beginners

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