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June 26, 2019

by Alyssa

4 Healthy Avocado Toast Ideas

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Spice up your avocado toast with one of these healthy avocado toast ideas! We've got four different types of avocado toast that are healthy, easy and tasty!

4 Avocado Toast Recipes

I mean of course we all know about the trendiest breakfast alive, right? Avocado toast!

Avocado toast has become one for the legend books. It's all over Instagram and now it's gracing breakfast menus across the world. And yes, I'm totally here for it.

I've been an avocado fan since I was a baby, so putting some of my favorite mashed up fruit on top of a slice of sprouted gluten-free bread? YES PLEASE.

Avocado Toast with Capers + Onion

So…What's the Deal with Avocado Toast?

That's a very good question. What is the deal with avocado toast and why the heck is it so popular?

I mean I don't know it's origin story or anything, but I've been trying to come up with a list of why avocado toast is so popular. Here's what I've got:

  • takes about 5 minutes to make
  • tastes amazing
  • is pretty to photograph (hello, Instagram!)
  • can be jazzed up a million different ways
  • and it's relatively healthy too

I mean there's a lot to love, but for me, those are where it gets its winning marks. Especially on the simplicity/convenience factor!

Different Types of Avocado Toast

Is Avocado Toast a Healthy Breakfast?

I think the jury is out on if avocado toast alone is the healthiest breakfast. You see, I'm all about balance and while avocado toast is definitely healthy (especially when it's made with sprouted gluten-free bread!), it's not necessarily the most balanced.

Here are the health benefits of avocado toast:

  • healthy fats: avocado is packed with heart- and brain-healthy fats
  • complex carbs: pick a whole grain based bread (like this one from Little Northern Bakehouse) to get in those complex carbs
  • fiber: both the avocado and the toast itself will have some fiber which helps to fill you up and keep you satisfied

The only thing missing? Protein. I'm a big fan of getting protein in at breakfast, so I'd recommend pairing your avocado toast with a protein green smoothie or even two scrambled eggs. Still easy, and helps make sure you're getting a balanced breakfast.

Easy Avocado Toast Ideas

4 Different Types of Avocado Toast

Before we talk about the avocado, we need to talk about the toast itself. I've talked for years about sprouted gluten-free bread and I've found a new one to love.

The Sprouted 7-Grain Gluten-Free Bread from Little Northern Bakehouse is amazing. Not only is it made with sprouted whole grain flours (which are easier to digest), but it's also non-GMO, egg-free and completely plant-based.

And guess what? It makes a pretty darn amazing base for our avocado toast!

Our different types of avocado toast today are…

  • Garlicky Kale
  • Beans + Tomato
  • Capers + Red Onion
  • Radish + Truffle Oil

Every one of these recipes is gluten-free and vegan, but most importantly they're easy to make. Aside from toasting the bread, they shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to put together. Breakfast in a hurry? I'm here for it!

1. Avocado Toast with Garlicky Kale

Avocado Toast with Garlic Kale

Pop the bread in the toaster and toast until golden brown. While the toast is cooking, heat a small pan over medium-high heat and add the kale. Add a splash of water and the lemon juice and cook until the kale has wilted, about 1 minute. Stir in spices and remove from heat.

Add the avocado on top of the toasted bread and spread it into an even layer. Top with the garlicky kale and finish with a touch more red pepper flakes.


2. Avocado Toast with Beans + Tomato

Healthy Avocado Toast with Beans and Tomato

Place the bread in the toaster and toast until golden brown. Once toasted, spread with the refried beans. Top the beans with the mashed avocado, sliced tomato and finish with a few leaves of cilantro. A little lime squeeze and fresh pepper is also fabulous


3. Avocado Toast with Capers & Red Onion

Avocado Toast with Capers and Red Onion

Toast your bread until golden brown. Once toasted, slather on the vegan cream cheese. Top with the sliced avocado, red onion and sprinkle the capers on top. Finish with a touch of cracked pepper if desired.


4. Avocado Toast with Radishes & Truffle

Truffle Avocado Toast Recipe

Pop the bread in the toaster and toast until golden brown. When the toast is done, slather on the avocado. Layer on the sprouts and sliced radishes. Drizzle on truffle oil and garnish with some cracked pepper.

What's your favorite way to make avocado toast?

Let us know what some of your favorite toast toppings are! We love seeing your creativity, so don't hold back!

4 Avocado Toast Recipes

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  1. I can’t wait to try these avocado toasts – I would love to make them for Brunch for my girlfriends, how do I make them in advance and not have the avocado turn black… Thank you

    • That’s a little tricky! I would say you’d really have to make them right before if you don’t want it to brown at all…!

  2. I LOVE Little Northern Bakehouse bread. I have been eating it for a long time, as I am Canadian and its easy to find here. Thanks for recommending it! Try the cinnamon raisin one as well. I love to top it with almond butter, cottage cheese, and blueberries – great after a run!

  3. These look delish! I noticed that the ingredients and instructions for the radish and truffle version is the same as the garlicky kale. 🙂


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