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How to Use a Jade Roller

Learn what a jade roller is, its benefits, and how to use a jade roller to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. With step-by-step photos of the process.

How to use a Jade Roller

Have you ever tried jade rolling? It's started to take off in the natural beauty world and for good reason. Jade rolling, I think, is one of the best-kept secrets in my self-care routine.

I personally love getting a behind-the-scenes look at people's skincare routines. So let's dive in!

What is a Jade Roller?

First things first, you might be wondering what the heck is jade roller anyway?! A jade roller is a facial massage tool that is made from jade stone. Jade stone is believed to have healing properties and is naturally cool to the touch.

We'll get more into the benefits of jade rolling in a moment, but in general, it helps reduce puffiness, improves circulation, and helps your skin glow.

Most jade rollers have two ends – a larger side and a smaller side. The larger side is used for the larger areas of your face (cheese, jaw, forehead) and the smaller side is used for smaller areas of your face (under eyes, brows, etc.).

Benefits of Jade Rolling

There are numerous benefits of jade rolling, but for me, this is why I do it:

1. Reduce puffiness.

Sometimes you wake up with extra water and your face and eyes might look puffy. Jade rolling is perfect for this. Since the stone is cool, it helps to reduce puffiness naturally! But the method you use to roll the stone across your skin also helps de-puff your face.

2. Lymphatic drainage.

Another amazing benefit of jade rolling is lymphatic drainage. Jade rolling (as well as gua sha), helps to move the lymphatic fluid move easily through the entire lymphatic system and drain the fluid out. Lymphatic drainage also helps reduce toxins in the body and can help reduce wrinkles and help with skin disorders.

3. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Jade rolling is also great at reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It helps to break down stuck facia and increase collagen production, to help smooth out your wrinkles/fine lines. While it might not get rid of them completely, it can really help reduce the appearance.

4. Reduces jawline tension.

Our faces can carry a lot of tension, especially in the jawline area. I like to focus a lot of extra time on the jawline area to work out the tension. Think of it as a deep tissue massage for your face! You're digging into those facial muscles, loosening them up, and reducing tension.

5. Glowing skin.

If you love that dewy facial glow, this could be a perfect thing to add to your routine. Because of all the benefits above, jade rolling will give your face a natural glow!

There are countless other benefits of jade rolling, but those happen to be my top five!

What Liquid Do You Use with a Jade Roller

You might be wondering if you actually need to use oil with a jade roller. And the answer is, yes!

Jade rollers work best when you use some sort of liquid on your skin first. You want your skin to be somewhat “slippery” so the roller can move easily and not tug too much on your skin.

So the best types of liquids/products to use are:

  • Face oil: I personally prefer to use oil because I find it has the best “glide”. You can use whatever type of facial oil you prefer. This day glow oil from OSEA Malibu is one of my favorites!
  • Serum: if you don't like oil/it doesn't work for your skin, you could also use a serum. You want something that is highly moisturizing – so I opt for a hyaluronic acid typically. This one is my favorite.
  • Moisturizer: your last liquid option would be a moisturizer. I again, recommend that you use something super hydrating. So perhaps a night cream or an advanced moisturizing cream would be a great way to go

What is a Jade Roller

How to use a Jade Roller

Now let's get into the fun stuff! Here's my skincare routine and how to use a jade roller as part of that.

STEP ONE: wash that beautiful face of yours! You want a clean face before you jade roll.

STEP TWO: moisturize! I like to use facial oil because it adds even more moisture, but if those don't work for your skin, you can just use whatever moisturizer you like best.

STEP THREE: roll it out!

Jade Roller Tutorial

My Jade Rolling Skin Care Routine

Here's an example of the routine that I follow for jade rolling. You can use this process, or focus on just the areas that you feel need the most support.

  1. Cheeks & jaw. Place the large end of the jade roller on your chin, apply medium pressure and roll it upward your ear. Repeat in the same spot 5 – 6 times, then move up along your cheek. Repeat on the opposite side.
  2. Forehead. Next, move up to your forehead. Starting in the middle of your forehead, use the large end to roll towards your ears. Repeat in the same motion 5 – 6 times then switch to the opposite side of your forehead.
  3. Under-eye area. Using the small end to focus on the under-eye area. Apply medium pressure and roll from the inner eye toward to outer corner. Repeat 10 – 15 times and switch to the other eye.
  4. Brows. Follow the same method as the under eyes, just above the eyes!
  5. Crow's feet. Use the small end, apply medium pressure and move the small end of the roller rapidly up and down on the corner of your eye. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Jaw. I always finish off using the small end of the roller to dig deep into the join of my jaw. I press hard, move back and forth and then use rapid rolling on spots that feel especially tight.

And that's it!!

Benefits of Jade Roller

Common Questions about Jade Rolling

How often should you use a jade roller?

You can use a jade roller every day. As long as you're being gentle, you really can't overuse it. There is no better time of day, just wherever it fits into your skincare routine. I personally like to use mine at night while I'm reading in bed because I find it super relaxing.

Do jade rollers actually work?

They do! You can search for before and after photos and you'll see that the skin looks lifted, glows more, there's less puff, and generally just looks healthier.

Should I keep my jade roller in the fridge?

You can keep a jade roller in the fridge, but it isn't necessary. The jade stone itself is naturally quite cool and will work without being refrigerated. But if you want it extra cold, you can store it in the refrigerator in a sealed container or bag.

Do you put anything on a jade roller?

You don't put anything directly on the jade roller. Instead, apply your “liquid” to a clean face and then use the jade roller.

Can you use a jade roller on bare skin?

Again, it's best not to use a jade roller on bare skin. It can pull and tug at your skin which we don't want. By using an oil/serum/moisturizer, the roller will seamlessly glide across your skin and you'll get the most benefits.

Which direction do you use a jade roller?

Always roll upward first, and then down towards your lymph nodes. The upward movement will ensure your lifting at the same time as you're moving the fluid out.

When to use jade roller vs gua sha?

I think of jade rollers and gua sha as interchangeable. They have a lot of the same benefits and are both easy to use. I recommend using whichever one you like best! Here's my post about how to use a gua sha if you want to try that as well.

Have you ever tried jade rolling?

Let me know your experience in the comments below! And right below this section, you'll also find pictures and links to the three items I use and recommend. Happy rolling!

Jade Roller Photo Tutorial