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June 4, 2015

by Alyssa

Strawberry + Coconut Overnight Quinoa

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This overnight quinoa recipe is made with coconut milk and layered with freshly sliced strawberries. Think strawberry shortcake meets healthy breakfast!

Strawberry + Coconut Overnight Quinoa // it tastes like strawberry shortcake but is SO much healthier - with out the sugar, carbs + fat!

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Okay breakfast lovers who have no real time to make a healthy breakfast, I’ve got you covered with this one today.

It's a creamy, dreamy, fruit-filled, protein-packed overnight quinoa recipe. And it’s simply amazing. Think strawberry shortcake meets overnight oats meets fluffy white quinoa. Match made in heaven? YES.

By now you know that breakfast is my jam (have you seen my breakfast ebook?!?), especially when it involves a nice serving of quinoa. Because quinoa has so much protein in it, it’s pretty much the most epic breakfast food on the planet, so anytime I have can eat it first thing in the morning, I see it as a major victory. Perhaps even worthy of a small victory dance. But we won't go down that road…me + dancing? Not something we want to be thinking about.

What we do want to be thinking about is BREAKFAST. Sweet, nutritious, fill-you-up breakfasts that take only minutes to make. The kind of breakfast that gives us no excuse to not start our day off with something healthy. And the best part? You make it the night before, so in the AM all you gotta do is slice some berries and serve. It doesn’t get any better!

Strawberry + Coconut Overnight Quinoa // the perfect make ahead breakfast for when you're short on time and need something healthy + delicious!

One thing we need to just briefly address before we dive into this totally scrumptious overnight quinoa, is coconut milk. I mean seriously. WHY has it taken me this long to starting mixing quinoa and coconut milk together? It feels like amateur hour over here.

Well I'm on the coconut-quinoa train now and there's no stopping me!

But here’s the thing that we need to remember: not all coconut milk is created equal. And perhaps that’s where I use to fail. I’d use the stuff in cartons and it’s just not the same as the luxuriously smooth, full-fat goodness you can find in the can. Full-fat coconut milk = BEST. THING. EVER. (as evidence by my last post!)

And it’s what gives this overnight quinoa its coconut-rich flavor. So good!

(p.s. make sure you buy organic and BPA free!)

(p.p.s full-fat coconut milk is high in fat and calories. If you're watching either of these things, feel free to swap out lite coconut milk)


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Strawberry + Coconut Overnight Quinoa

 Sweet, nutritious, fill-you-up breakfasts that take only minutes to make. 
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Refrigerate 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 2 minutes
Servings 2 servings
Calories 684kcal
Author Alyssa
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Strawberry + Coconut Overnight Quinoa // it tastes like strawberry shortcake but is SO much healthier - with out the sugar, carbs + fat!
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  • Add all ingredients (minus strawberries) to one large jar and stir together. Tighten lid and place in the fridge overnight.*
  • Remove from fridge and arrange in two jars with sliced strawberries. Serve immediately and enjoy!


*If the mixture feels a bit thick when you remove it from the fridge in the morning, whisk in 2 more tablespoons of coconut milk to loosen it up.
adapted from my High-Protein Chia Pudding


Calories: 684kcal | Carbohydrates: 36g | Protein: 19g | Fat: 55g | Saturated Fat: 33g | Sodium: 30mg | Potassium: 759mg | Fiber: 12g | Sugar: 7g | Vitamin A: 130IU | Vitamin C: 86.4mg | Calcium: 230mg | Iron: 12mg

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  2. I’m excited to try this . . . overnight breakfasts are a MUST with my big family and early school mornings.

    I’m also highly enamored of the jars you used to shoot the recipe photos. Where might I find some???

  3. Delicious! I used used half the amount of hemp hearts and replaced the other half with crushed almonds. I also added about 1/4 cup of almond milk and used honey and maple syrup instead of Stevia. This recipe will make 3 servings! I will make this recipe frequently!

  4. Hi Alyssa,

    I don’t want to use the hemp hearts. Can this be made without them or is there a substitution you would suggest? Thanks

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  7. Overnight oats used to be my go-to breakfast for busy mornings because it was so easy to pull out of the fridge and toss into a tupperware. Looking forward to mixing it up with this quinoa and coconut version 🙂

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  12. I made this w/ coconut milk you can by in the refrigerated section and it was awesome! I served with blueberries instead and it was a perfect mid-afternoon snack! My 15 month old even tried it and surprised me by eating at least a 1/2 cup for himself! Thanks for the recipe. Super easy and tasty!

  13. Is it correct that one serving has 565 calories if you use maple syrup (not a fan of stevia)? sounds yummy but that’s way too much for one meal for me.

    • I’d say use the lite coconut milk as Laura suggested. It would cut the calories significantly!

    • I’m with you Faye! I’ve made many breakfast “puddings” and one of the ways you can adjust this is swap the full fat for lite coconut milk…it’s a third of the calories and less fat. I’ve also added some plain yogurt and it gives it a nice flavor. Also not a fan of stevia…you can cut down on the maple syrup a bit (I always taste and add as needed). There are a lot of calories in the quinoa/chia/hemp, but they’re good for you calories. These breakfast puddings are great, just make a few swaps and you can enjoy too!


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