Chocolate Zucchini Breakfast Bread

Chocolate Zucchini Breakfast Bread |Gluten-Free | Queen of Quinoa

By now you know, I love chocolate. It’s one of my many weaknesses. One that tempts me each night. One that I can’t stay away from as hard as I try. One that makes me do a happy dance with every bite.

Chocolate is amazing. In everything almost everything. From fudgy quinoa brownies, to vegan chocolate cakes, to soft, gluten-free cookies. It’s chocolate that’s the star.

But most people think that chocolate can only be reserved for dessert.

Well, I’m here to tell you how very wrong they are. Chocolate is also the perfect breakfast food. Whether it’s mixed in a smoothie, in a gluten-free muffin, or in a fabulous breakfast bread, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

Feel like your breakfast could use a little chocolate infusion? Hop on over to the Balanced Platter to see my recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Breakfast Bread!


This recipe is shared on: Whole Food Fridays


  1. christine says

    The link to the Balanced Platter isn’t working. I get “Not Found”. Could you repost the recipe, please?

    • says

      Sarah – I actually get mine in bulk at a natural foods store. It’s raw and unsweetened. As far as packaged ones, I would definitely go for raw if you can find it, and if not then at least organic and fair trade. I think Equal Exchange might have one! xo Alyssa

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