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8 Ways to Add More Relaxation into Your Life

Feeling a little stressed? Here are 8 simple ways to add more relaxation into your life. Use this list to reduce stress, get present and feel good again!

how to add more relaxation into your life

We've talked a lot about stress on the blog over the last few months. I personally think it's one of the most important things affecting our health and it's really not talked about enough!

Stress can cause huge ripple effects inside our body, leading to things like weight gain, acne, hormonal imbalances, digestion issues. And honestly, the list goes on.

So today I want to talk less about how and why stress is bad for us, but instead give you some tools that can help you cope with everyday stressors. I'm sharing 8 ways to add more relaxation into your life, and my hope is that you take these tools to not only feel better day to day but also to create ways to have less stress.

1. Set boundaries.

I find that I am most stressed when I’m trying to work, be present with Matt, play with Trevi… all at once. Now I block my time out during the day so when I’m doing one thing, I’m only doing that. When I walk Trevi, I’m focused on her. When I’m hanging with Matt, I’m present. When I’m working, I’m only working.

For many of us, work is what causes the most stress and is where we need to set boundaries. Have a rule that when you/your partner gets home from work, you don't look at your phone for at least 2 hours. Leave it in your bag, put it away, and focus on just being home and disconnecting from your stressful day.

2. Social media detoxing.

Social media gets its own bullet point because it has a huge impact on me. The line is blurred because a huge part of my job is about being online. When I’m interacting on social media, I’m working. I have to make a conscious effort (and even schedule out time) to be offline. There is a weird guilt about not posting, not interacting enough, not sharing enough when you run a blog/online business.

I’m trying to realize that no matter how much or little I’m posting, you, my people will be there. I don’t have to get 10 stories up a day and I don’t have to share all aspects of my life. This is something I’m learning but I’ve realized the less pressure I put on myself around being “on” more, the less stressed I am.

I realize this exact situation isn't applicable to everyone, BUT social media is still a huge trigger for many of us. It leads to comparison, it creates that endless scroll through other people's highlight reels, and it can make us feel like the life isn't good enough as it is. So try giving yourself time to be 100% offline. Maybe you put your phone away at a certain time of night or maybe you don’t allow yourself to look at social media until a certain time of day. Create boundaries around your social media use and notice how it’s affecting you on a daily basis.

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3. Schedule out time for nothing.

This is one of my favorite tips. I’m a huge fan of time blocking and that includes blocking time for doing nothing. Having a “free” block in my schedule is so liberating!

It’s stressful to have something going on every day/night of the week, so plan time to just “be” and do whatever you want during this time. Read, journal, take a bath, or literally just daydreaming about life. Set aside at least 20 minutes this week for nothing and see how it goes!

4. Build self-care into your life.

I personally have to be super intentional about this! Self-care looks different for everyone. If you want to treat yourself to a massage or a facial, great but don’t feel like it has to be luxurious or expensive! Sometimes self-care for me is going on a walk solo, heading to yoga, sitting on the couch with the TV off, or going to bed at 8:30 pm.

Buiding self-care into your daily routine (yes, daily!), will bring so much more relaxation into your life. If you need some inspiration, check out our post for 101 Self-Care Ideas!

5. Create a bedtime routine.

Sleep is queen in my world! I talked about this a little bit in my blog all about stress, but when we don’t get enough sleep it’s a vicious cycle for our bodies. I love having a relaxing bedtime routine to unwind from the day. No matter what went down throughout the day, I know I can recenter before climbing in bed. This will look different for everyone but I’ll share what it looks like for me to give you some ideas!

  • I start by washing my face, moisturize and then use my jade roller.
  • I do gentle stretches either in bed or on the floor (my favorite is legs up the wall). I pair these stretches with some deep breaths.
  • I put essential oils on my wrist and the bottom of my feet. Followed with a few spritzes of lavender room spray.
  • I read for 15-30 minutes – and try to make it something light and fun. A good novel, something inspiring, but definitely not a book that gets my brain revved up.
  • And then it's lights out, it’s bedtime!

Try implementing a bedtime routine this week that is relaxing and unwinding!

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6. Create!

One of the reasons I love my job is because I can be creative! I still like to set aside time to create in other ways that aren’t work-related. I take pottery classes every week which is so fun. There are also adult coloring books, or you can just doodling, paint, take pictures, play music… whatever your heart desires ???? The most important thing is to not judge yourself and know that everyone is creative just in different ways!

7. Play!

This one goes hand in hand with creating… playtime is super important for relaxation. I feel like play is emphasized as a child but not so much when we're adults. Brene Brown talks a lot about the importance of play – doing things simply for enjoyment  – and I couldn't agree more!

What do you love to do? What would you do if you could do anything? I love playing with Trevi (one of the perks of being a dog mom), being goofy with my girlfriends, or playing an intense game of slapjack with Matt. I am wholly present and feel like a kid when we’re playing around the house and being silly. Be goofy, have fun and play this week!

8. Breathe.

I'm going to create an entire blog post to this, but deep breathing can work wonders when it comes to relaxation. And it's so simple to do and can be done anywhere!

All that's required? You and a little stillness. Simply inhale for the count of five, then exhale for a count of five and repeat that 10 times. If you're in a space where you can sit and close your eyes, that's even better. But you can do this while driving, commuting to work in the morning, waiting in the pickup line at school.

I promise, if you try incorporating this into your daily routine, you will feel amazing!

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Bonus Ways to Add More Relaxation into Your Life

Honestly, it's hard to cap this list at just 8, so I'd thought I'd give you another quick little list of things that might help you add even more relaxation into your life ????

Listen to music
Listen to a podcast
Wander in nature
Essential oils