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September 10, 2020

by Alyssa Rimmer

Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

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The best quinoa curry recipe! This healthy slow cooker coconut curry is one of the easiest meals ever. Just toss everything into the slow cooker and done!

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Have to work late and don't have time to make dinner? Slow cooker to the rescue. Don't feel like spending hours at the stove carefully watching your pot to make sure it doesn't boil over or burn? Slow cooker to the rescue. Want to make the easiest, most straightforward dinner ever? Slow cooker to the rescue.

Sensing a theme here? Yep, slow cookers can be pretty amazing. Time-saving, easy and minimal prep (and clean up for that matter).

In my house though, they're a totally underutilized tool. I think this is only the fourth or fifth time all winter that I've used my slow cooker and I'm not kidding, every time I pull it out, I say/yell to myself, “WHY DON'T I USE THIS MORE OFTEN!?”

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What You Need to Make This Curry Recipe

First, let's talk about the ingredients! You might read the comments before you make this recipe and see that quite a few people are asking, “where's the curry powder!?” This recipe doesn't actually use curry powder – it's more inspired by Thai/Asian Pacific curries that use things like ginger and soy for their flavor.

For our base we've got:

  • Coconut milk: I like to do full fat because it has more flavor, but if you want to cut back on calories, light will also work. I don't think another milk will work here and still give you the same creamy texture and rich flavor.
  • Diced tomatoes: the tomatoes add a hint of juiciness, but also a mild sweetness.
  • Fresh ginger: adds zing and brightness
  • Fresh turmeric: this has a much brighter flavor than ground and I think is exceptional in this recipe. You could swap it with dried, but use about 1/3 of the amount.
  • Garlic: because garlic is just my favorite flavor agent of all time!
  • Miso + tamari: for a bit of salt and umami flavor.

And then for our mix-ins we've got:

  • Sweet potato
  • Broccoli
  • Onion
  • Chickpeas
  • Quinoa

Those can be swapped in and out if you'd like. More on that later in the post!

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How to Make Coconut Quinoa Curry

I will say, this curry is kind of a middle-of-the-road type curry. Not that it tastes basic or anything, but the flavor profiles don't swing in any cuisine's direction. I almost feel like it has some influences from all over the place and yet it totally works.


We start with sweet potato, broccoli, onion and chickpeas as the bulk of the curry. You could feel free to swap in any other veggies you want – white potatoes, butternut squash, cauliflower, eggplant, etc. – just as long as the proportions stay the same, you should be all set.


From there the sauce of the curry is just diced tomatoes and coconut milk. The tomatoes add a nice level of sweetness while the coconut milk makes it thick and creamy. Plus…super simple.


Next, we have the quinoa and then we end it with our flavor bombs.

I'm not sure why I called them flavor bombs, but that's kind of how I see them. If the dish didn't have them, it would be flat and boring. Add them in and it's like an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

The flavor bombs in this curry are fresh garlic, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, tamari, miso and chili flakes. Each ingredient brings its own uniqueness to the table, but they still all work in harmony to make this amazingly aromatic and flavorful dish.


Once you've got everything in there, it's as simple as turning on your cooker and walking away. 3 – 4 hours later, you come back to a thick, creamy coconut curry that will comfort you from head to toe. No more need for takeout in this house, I've finally found my most perfect curry!

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Swaps to Try in our Coconut Quinoa Curry

Just in case you want to make some changes to this recipe, know that all the mix-ins can be subbed. I would just follow the same proportions so that you're sure the cooking time and texture stay the same.

And if you can, swap like ingredients for like ingredients. For example, sweet potato. Swap that with potato, butternut squash or another starchy vegetable. The same goes for the broccoli – cauliflower would be a natural swap.

If you have any specific questions for substitutions, let me know down below!

How to Store Coconut Curry

Want to make this for meal prep? Fabulous because it works perfectly!

You can either refrigerate this curry for 4 – 5 days, OR you can freeze it. I like to freeze it in the portion sizes that I'm going to eat (either 1 or 2 servings), allow it to thaw at room temperature, and then heat it up.

For reheating, you can either pop it in the microwave or you can heat it in a small saucepan.

Either way, I know you're just going to LOVE this recipe! It's tried and true in my house and is loved by many of our readers as well. Just check out the comments – so many awesome ones!



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Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

This healthy coconut quinoa curry is one of the easiest meals you'll ever make. Just toss all the ingredients in the slow cooker and let it cook!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes
Servings 8 Servings
Calories 289kcal
Author Alyssa Rimmer
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4.16 from 486 votes



  • Add all ingredients to a slow cooker. Stir until everything is fully incorporated.
  • Turn the slow cooker to high and cook for 3 - 4 hours until sweet potato cooks through and the curry has thickened.



To grate my fresh spices, I like to use a zester.


Calories: 289kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 22g | Saturated Fat: 19g | Sodium: 285mg | Potassium: 774mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 2970IU | Vitamin C: 79.4mg | Calcium: 97mg | Iron: 5.7mg
Facebook logoTwitter logoPinterest logoSlow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry
Facebook logoTwitter logoPinterest logoSlow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry
Facebook logoTwitter logoPinterest logoSlow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry
Facebook logoTwitter logoPinterest logoSlow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry
Facebook logoTwitter logoPinterest logoSlow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry
Facebook logoTwitter logoPinterest logoSlow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

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  1. Hi I’m inquiring about the slow cooker coconut quinoa. What is the serving size? I see it makes 8 servings. But what is the amount for each serving?

  2. Lots of work and ingredients for so so result. Broccoli and sweet potato should not go in at the same time broccoli turns to mush after two hours sweet potato needs full four. Also extremely soupy. Less tomato would be better. I actually added barley and Oates along the way to soak up some of the juice.

  3. Loved this! My husband wants to start being vegetarian for now so I looked up recipes that also looked good to me! So happy this was my first recipe! I made it in the IP on high for 8 mins and quick release. Could have used less time. I will add zucchini next time and some Thai basil (or plain old cilantro lol) and will serve over rice. Can’t wait to make this again!

  4. In your “how to make it” steps, step 4 says to cook for 4-6 hours, but in the cooking instructions it says 3-4 hours?

  5. I enjoyed this recipe, but made some swaps after reading the comments: 1) cauliflower instead of broccoli florets, 2) low-fat coconut milk (that’s all the store had available), 3) ground turmeric, 4) soy sauce instead of the tamari+miso, 5) added 1 tsp curry powder, 6) added 1 tsp cinnamon, 7) added 1 tsp cumin, 8) added 1/2 tsp salt, 9) increased quinoa to 1/2 cup, 10) cooked for 5 hours on high instead of 4 to make all the veggies soft

  6. I am making this recipe for the first time. Is the quarter cup of quinoa supposed to be cooked already? Or should I add 1/4 cup uncooked quinoa? Thank you.

    • Sorry you felt that way. Did you use the same proportions and spices the recipe called for? As I’ve said in other comments, this isn’t an Indian-inspired curry that uses curry powder but more of an Asian/Thai-inspired one 🙂

  7. Maybe I didn’t prepare this correctly but it was bland and my family didn’t like it. I did end up adding a little salt which helped but this recipe is not a keeper for us.

  8. Ridiculous good!
    I as always venture off the recipe while following that idea of it. I added zucchini, yellow squash, cauliflower, and bell pepper as well as some extra quinoa.
    I made this last week and it’s already bedpan requested again!

  9. Made it with rice, extra garlic, turmeric and ginger and whole coconut milk, THE BEST FLAVOR EVER. Gave a big bowl to my daughter who is a 3rd grade teacher (back in the classroom) and she sent me a picture of her bowl almost empty asking for more. Would add a picture but don’t see a link. Yummy!

  10. Y’all! This is sooooo delicious and gives you that great “sticks to your ribs” cozy feeling! I doubled the recipe (I have a large slow cooker) and froze most of it in separate batches for later!

  11. My Crock-Pot was too small for this recipe and the few additional veggies of cauliflower, carrot and some bell peppers. It didn’t cook at the way through and I had to put it on stove for a few hours. I also doubled the quinoa and chickpeas once I put it on the stove to get it to thicken up a bit Overall, it was tasty and made a lot of soup/curry. I came to the site to see if I could freeze it as I made too much for just me.

  12. I’ve made this before and love it! However, I recently have an intolerance to tomatoes. Can I make this without them? Any substitutions?

  13. I so enjoy your site and your recipes. Would you please consider adding a print option so we can enjoy your recipes a little more easily. Thank you.
    Rose Martine

  14. Putting a “k” after a number denotes a thousand. So is there 289,000 calories or 2890?

    That is all.

  15. I love this dish! Have made it a few times already. I just add some more veggies.
    How well does it freeze and once frozen, when should it be used by?

  16. Very delicious! I accidentally added one can of coconut cream and one can of coconut milk so it was extra creamy! Also increased quinoa to 1/2 a cup as per some of the recommendations. Just printed the recipe which means I’ll definitely make it again.

  17. Wow! Really liked this better than I thought I would! Will definitely be making it again! I substituted tahini for miso. Would add more quinoa next time.

  18. Super delicious. The curry packs a wonderful punch. My only personal adjustment, I’d want to season the sweat potatoes slightly before hand. Everything else absorbs the flavors beautifully. Maybe add some flour to thicken it more to be even more of a curry consistency.

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  20. I made this for my New Year’s Eve Potluck and OMG! DELISH!!!Could not have been better!!! Everyone Loved it! I am making another big pot today- doubled the recipe the first time and sooooooo good! Thank You!!

  21. I just made this, and it is delicious!
    I increased the quinoa to 1/2-cup and replaced the broccoli with zucchini and added a chopped red bell pepper.
    I served it with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and freshly grated pepper.

  22. I feel silly asking but it doesn’t seem that there’s any curry in this recipe? Have you ever made it so curry and if so how much ground curry would you use?

    • This recipe is more of an Asian-style curry with ginger and turmeric, not an Indian style curry with curry powder 🙂 You could definitely add it though if you wanted! xx

  23. Delish!!!!! I added some lime juice at the end. I wish my crockpot was bigger. Your recipes are always spot on. Thanks for another excellent one.

  24. This sounds great but is loaded with saturated fat. Does this come solely from the coconut milk? Any suggestions on making it alternation ingredients so it it less in saturated fat? Thanks.

  25. This was AMAZING!!! I’m so impressed, that my 40 year old vintage crock pot has been brought back into service for this gorgeous, warming, punchy curry! We have just demolished a serious portion with some homemade garlic bread. I’m absolutely doing this again, and cannot wait to make it for friends!

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  27. Turned out perfect! After reading prior reviews I decided to use 1/2 cup of water and add a little extra quinoa. Curry had a creamy texture but was not very liquid. The aromas going through my house were amazing! Love that it is so easy to cook and tastes good!

  28. I really loved this recipe. The flavors are all amazing, but it’s always a bit too liquidy. Do you recommend reducing the coconut milk or just adding more quinoa? What would suggest as a ratio for a thicker curry?

  29. Wow this was amazaing! Didn’t go exactly to plan as I forgot a can of coconut milk and chickpeas in the store, but found it to still be quite flavorful. Added in butternut squash, tripled the amount of quinoa and added an extra cup of water. Very tasty!

  30. I saw the nutritional facts, but what’s the serving size,’please? I’m doing FWTWL and want to fit this delicious looking meal in correctly. 🙂

  31. I originally stumbled across a variation of this recipe on Buzzfeed’s Tasty feed. Reviews were mixed so I decided to wade through several layers of sources to find your original recipe. So glad I did! The spices in your version are spot on. My only enhancement has been to increase the amount of quinoa to make the sauce thicker and another can of chickpeas. (My family loves both.) Making it again tonight. tonight. Thank you for your creation!

  32. I want to make this in the instant pot. One post says 9 minutes and the other 24 minutes. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    • I’ve tested it a few times and I think it only needs about 5 – 6. I haven’t been able to nail without everything getting super mushy. Can you do the slow cook version on the IP?

  33. made this curry today. I could not stay out of the crockpot while it was cooking. It is very yummy. One question, can I freeze this curry?

  34. Just wanted to let you know I’ve made this recipe over 20 times and still love it! Turns out perfect every time! I do add a few teaspoons of Curry powder and extra pepper (sometimes fresh and sometimes powder) and sometimes cauliflower and spinach. I always use fresh ginger, garlic and tumeric. I use full fat canned coconut milk. Just wanted to thank you for the recipe! SO easy and always extremely good! Love slow cooker recipes.

  35. Ahhh so good!!! I love this recipe, and so do my 5 year old twins! So great when the kids actually eat dinner without a fight or complaint! I add chicken to it and just a little salt and cumin and it’s perfect!

  36. What’s the actual serving size? Kind of pointless to have nutritional values at the end without actually stating what the serving size is!!

  37. This was not a good recipe at all. I was disappointed because I thought it would be great after reading all the rave reviews, but it is really bland, which I kind of thought it might be since it calls for so few spices. It was easy to make, but I definitely would not make this again. I ate one big plateful because I have so much but I’m not sure I will even eat the leftovers. I used dried instead of fresh ginger but that should not make or break this recipe.

    • Yeah I mean, if you have old spices its going to be blander. I agree with Alyssa, play around. Fresh ginger IMO tastes way different from dried. IMO so yes it can make or break it. Also while she didn’t call for salt. Use salt if you need to, shockingly most chefs will tell you salt, salt, salt because the reality is you are suppose to salt while cooking everything you add to a pot. While the Tamari and miso will be salty, depending on maker and product they can be less so than what the original author intended. I always follow recipes but at the end if I taste it I add what I think it needs, that’s being a good cook.

    • Sorry you felt that way! I’ve made this dozens of times and it’s always quite flavorful for me. I’m guessing that your spices were not fresh which might have been the problem. You can also totally add more spices to your leftovers without throwing them away. I’d suggest amping up the ginger, adding in some curry powder, maybe a touch of cumin and some coriander. No point wasting it!

  38. I’ve had this saved to make for awhile but finally got around to making it tonight. I served it over brown rice and it was really really tasty! Will definitely be making again.

  39. Can this recipe be cooked on low for eight hours, opposed to four hours on high?
    This would be great, if I can turn the slow cooker on before I leave for work in the morning, and have it ready for when I get home eight hours later? Thanks.

  40. Hi, I have a question: do you cook this with the lid on or off? As others have posted after 4 hours, cooking on high, it was quite soupy (though fully cooked and delicious!), so I took the lid off and let it go another 2 hours to thicken. The only thing I can think of is that the lid on would prevent it from reducing.
    Please advise. Thanks!

    • You can certainly leave the lid off! I think where people are having differences is how high their slow cooker actually cooks. When mine is on hight it’s a hard simmer, whereas some others might not be quite that much which would mean more liquid. Next time around, try leaving the lid off the whole time I think 🙂

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    • You definitely could! It’s a very coconuty soup, so I’d say make that swap if you want. You could also use more broth and just a little bit of almond milk.

  43. […] Food Pairing: This wine went well with gruyere from Trader Joe’s, and also with Trader’s eggplant spread and olive tapenade. It paired well with a coconut milk, quinoa and sweet potato curry. […]

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  45. I’m about to make so I hope someone can help fast!! I don’t have any fresh broccoli, only frozen. Will that still work?!

  46. Made this tonight! The flavors were great, I added a couple of teaspoons of curry powder and also chopped up some pepper. I always saute the veggies first, when I use the Instant Pot. My BIG mistake was turning the pot on, before leaving for a work out. I came back to mush and I think, broken up quinoa. The taste was there, so hopefully, I’m just eating some healthy mush, lol. Next time, I’ll set the time and do a quick release, as soon as it’s done! Thanks for the recipe!!

    • I haven’t ever used an IP so I can’t really help troubleshoot unfortunately! I’m planning to get one soon, so I’ll def share my thoughts when I do 🙂

  47. This was fantastic. You should note that the recipe includes water, but the water is not included in the ingredients so be careful. Also the recipe does not mention salt but obviously you’ll need to add a bunch. I was surprised by how delicious this ended up being! I used seasoning salt, and omitted Tamari sauce because I didn’t have any. I used dried herbs for the ginger and garlic . I bet it would have been even better had I used fresh. Next time I will add a little more quinoa. Thank you for the share!

  48. Omg This recipe was so easy & so flavorful even my husband LOVED it!!!!!! ???? I took photos of it and would like to share.
    Thank you so much for this delicious recipe

  49. #1 “starting w 1 cup of water”……….When do I add the coconut milk? This is for the Coconut Quinoa Curry

  50. […] be more accustomed to, or enjoy. I love to get my turmeric by drinking golden milk, making a simple slow cooker curry, or throwing it in recipes like a broccoli “cheddar” quinoa casserole and turmeric […]

  51. Hi, would it be pointless to do this without tomatoes? My husband has terrible acid reflux whenever he eats tomato but he loves Indian food.

  52. I made this last night and it was super thin and soupy. Why do we start with 1 cup of water? Way too much liquid. I almost threw it out, it was not appetizing. To save it, I drained all the liquid, added some cheese and baked it. Now, it’s delicious! I can’t stop eating it!

  53. Your recipe lists canned coconut milk but I noticed the picture below with the links to things you used in this recipe shows coconut cream. Should I use the canned milk or cream? Thanks.

  54. Hello, I made this last night and neither the broccoli or sweet potato cooked. It was in there on high for four hours. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong?

    • I think one other person had that issue and I the only thing I can think is that it might be the temperature of your slow cooker isn’t very hot 🙁 When it’s on high, it should be boiling.

  55. I added some cornstarch to thicken the sauce and added honey to offset some of the spicy flavors—so good!

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  60. Thought there was way too much liquid. …Doubled the spices and quinoa to help thicken it..still bland. Did I read the recipe wincorrectly. Leave The water out, and drain the tomatoes might get have helped.

    • Did you check the potency of your spices? Sometimes spices lose some of their flavor which might have happened here? I’ve personally made this recipe multiple times and haven’t had any issue with the liquid or spice ratio, so I’m not quite sure what to recommend!

  61. Hi! If i wanted to freeze this could I just put it in a ziplock and freeze before making then dump in the crockpot? Or should I cook it first and then feeeze it after? Thanks!

  62. I made this in the pressure cooker today and we both loved it. As we sat down to eat though, I realized that this curry has neither curry powder nor cumin in it. Odd, but it was delicious anyway. Maybe I’ll try adding some of each next time? Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    • It’s more of an Asian/Thai inspired curry dish rather than a traditional Indian curry 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it!

  63. This was fantastic. And it was the gift that kept on giving, we ate leftovers for 2 days. My husband and ate couldn’t get enough, my picky 8 yr old thought is was “pretty good”. I followed the recipe exactly and served it over a bit of rice to soak up the goodness. Will absolutely be cooking this again.

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  65. Made this today and loved it! Cooked on low for about 6 hours and then transferred to stovetop to try to boil away some of the liquid since it wasn’t thickened.. was having trouble thickening so added about 3-4 TB plain Greek yogurt (one TB at a time) and about 2 TB tomato paste per some suggestions I read online about thickening curries. I also threw in a little more turmeric (just two shakes or so) at the end. Loved this recipe a lot- great amount of spicy, delicious healthy comfort food. thank you for the great recipe!

    • It was non-fat Greek yogurt (Fage 0%) although not sure whether that made a difference..

      It thickened well after that – Boiled away liquid about 10-15 minutes while stirring regularly

      I read that if you add the tomato paste at the beginning it helps it thicken as it cooks so may do that next time!

  66. I’ve made this in the slow cooker and it was absolutely delicious but I had borrowed my mums slow cooker! I’m going to make it again but on the hob, does anyone know if it turned out OK? Thanks

  67. This is AMAZING!!! Only thing I added was salt and pepper. Today I added baby spinach and tofu for more protein after the gym. This is a great meal prep meal!!! Thanks for the recipe!!! 😉

  68. Hey this may be a dumb question but do you think there’s a way to make this without tomato? And if so what would you substitute in? I’m allergic to them and have a hard time finding curry recipes without tomatoes but I love curry!!!

  69. Hello!

    Has anyone tried this in an instant pot? I’m wondering what adjustments need to be made. Help would be appreciated!

  70. Delicious! The coconut milk and tomato base is a perfect combination. I doubled everything except the coconut milk and subbed a can of crushed tomatoes for diced. I also cooked it for 6 hours on low. It’s now a go-to favorite.

  71. I do not understand the Nutritional Facts. Is the 507kcal for the whole pot? or is it per serving? Also the 32g of fat – is that per serving and, if so, and I average 6 servings does that mean that each serving is less than100kcal? It’s so confusing.

  72. darndest thing- its almost better room temp… its like a tasty dip. this isnt the most flavorful dish but perhaps its missing a garnish.

  73. I made this this weekend and it was so delicious! Exactly what I needed to detox a bit from the holidays and still filling enough to warm you up when it’s cold out. Thanks for the recipe!!

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  75. Hi Alyssa, apologies if someone has already asked this (there were many comments already on the page!): Should the quinoa be pre-cooked or dry when it’s added to the slow cooker for this recipe?

    Thank you!

  76. Thank you so much for this recipe! It is a staple that I make at least once a month during the fall, winter, and even spring. It is so healthy and delicious! Thanks again for one of the best vegetarian recipes ever.

  77. I plan to make this recipe tonight. Coconut milk is not part of my diet, even though I love coconut. Have you ever tried this recipe with another type of milk? Almond or Cashew?

    • I haven’t and have to admit that I don’t think it would be nearly as tasty. The coconut really adds some amazing flavor to this dish and in my opinion is quite necessary 🙂

  78. This was amazing! The only changes I made after reading some previous comments were that I only used one tin of coconut milk and the consistency of the curry was perfect! Then I just threw in a large handful of fresh spinach 5 mins before end of cooking time. This recipe is definitely going to be my new favourite and it’s so easy!

  79. This ended up more like a soup. It did not thicken. The recipe lists coconut milk, but your product link shows coconut cream. Which is it?

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  81. We did not like this. The pumpkin I used over-cooked & so did the broccoli even though it got added later. It didn’t taste anything like a curry except for being a little spicey

    • Sorry you felt that way! Others have really enjoyed it 🙂 I’m guessing pumpkin might have thrown it off – that’s not an ingredient I called for in the recipe – so I can’t say how it would have turned out.

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  87. did you use red cabbage as a garnish or could i throw it with the other veggies? Would the cooked cabbage alter the flavor?

    • I used it just as a garnish! I don’t personally think it would taste all that great with cooked cabbage, but that’s up to you 🙂

  88. I found your lovely pictures for this yummy dish on pintrest. Except the link leads to a recipe book on Amazon. I had to search your recipe on google and I found the same pictures with an actual recipe this time. From your website I was able to correctly pin your recipe. Thank you. I’m looking forward to trying it!

  89. This was very tasty. I think I may drain the tomatoes next time to allow the coconut milk to shine a bit more as it has a much more acidic taste with both the diced tomatoes and the juices.

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  91. Really intrigued to make this but I don’t seem to see any curry listed in the ingredients. Where does the curry taste come from?

  92. Oh my gosh, made this for dinner and it was lush – I totally get why you called them flavour bombs, Delish, thank you

    • Nope! We don’t use curry powder as this is more of an Asian-style curry rather than Indian. The combo of garlic, turmeric and ginger give it a nice curry flavor 🙂

  93. […] 15. Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry […]

  94. Alyssa I think you outdid yourself this time !!! Just put this is the slow cooker !! The aroma is divine I made it per your instructions. The only addition – I added a cup of cubed firm tofu and a stick of lemongrass Everything else the same. It looks good, smells good and hanging out for 4 hours to eat !!. This is going to be a keeper, and I have not even tasted it yet !!!

  95. How would I need to adapt this for a pressure cooker? Live abroad and have fried two slow cookers with the adapters so don’t want to buy another one until I’m back in the U.S. Thanks!

  96. […] Use this recipe with any slow cooker for 3-4 hours — or for 20-30 minutes in the Instant Pot! Get the recipe here. […]

  97. Loved this recipe. I have to ask where did you get those glass dishes? I love how i cab portion control my food.

  98. This was a winner! I modified it to cater to what I had:

    1. I only had a small amount of sweet potato, so I used a mix of sweet potato, regular potato, squash pumpkin, and zucchini
    2. I added the broccoli in the last 10-20 mins
    3. I replaced the fresh ginger with a healthy teaspoon of ground ginger
    4. I replaced the miso with a cube of Massel vegetarian stock (this version is palm oil free)
    5. replaced the tamari with teaspoons of red curry paste, to taste

    I know that the nutrition info would thus change, and I did change the recipe a bit, but it turned out to be the basis of a recipe that I will use again, and again. This will go into my folder of staple recipes. It tastes great, it is filling, and healthy! Thank you 🙂

    • I’m so glad that you found a way to modify it for what you need! Don’t you love how customizable it is?! Can’t wait to hear what other creations you come up with, Jes 🙂 xoxo

  99. Hello!! question: Should the liquid part of the two cans of coconut milk also be added to the slow cooker or just add the solid parts of the coconut milk? Thanks!!

  100. I just bought an instant pot and wanted to make this recipe but I don’t see the IP directions. I haven’t cooked anything in my IP Yet so I’m a real newbie to using it.

  101. I’m making this tomorrow night. I’m omitting the tamari and miso because I hate anything with sodium. I’m going to add low sodium soy sauce instead. Should that suffice?

  102. I made this and it was SO good! I added chicken, and next time will add more broccoli. My boyfriend was always a very basic and picky eater (meat and potatoes) and when he enjoys one of my healthy cooking experiments, you KNOW it’s a hit. He really liked this one!! So did I! Leftovers for lunch all week!

  103. I’d like to see more recipes where grains are properly soaked overnight before cooking. If you cook grains without soaking, sprouting or fermenting, you are just asking for a new food allergy, or digestion issues. There is a lot of info out about this now. We need to spread the news.

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  105. Sounds delicious, I love experimenting with flavors! I’d like to add tofu to this, do you know at what point it should be added?

    • I would do it at the end honestly! So that it doesn’t fall apart 🙂 I’ve actually never done tofu in a slow cooker!

  106. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed at how bland this was. I tried adding curry paste but it didn’t help 🙁

  107. What can i do to cook this while i’m at work? My slow cooker doens’ thave a timer so i need to cook it for 8 hours. Would it cook through if i did it on low and added dried chickpeas instead of canned ones?

    • I would say cook on low without the chickpeas and then when you get home, add the chickpeas and cook until they’re warm 🙂

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  109. I wanted to let you know that I found your blog a month ago and I’m in love with all the veggie slow cooker recipes I’ve tried so far, and this one in particular is a knockout! They have made actually tasty/satisfying/healthy/ food feel attainable without all the work. I’ve always eaten healthy, but I’ve never enjoyed it so much! The second time I made it, the only tiny adjustments I made were adding the broccoli halfway through the cooktime instead of at the beginning so it retained more texture, and I omitted the juice from the canned tomatoes to make it a bit thicker. I swear to you, every time I make a recipe, I’m always needing to add a ton of extra spice and flavours that the recipe doesn’t call for- except with these slowcooker recipes. They are great as is!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying everything, Liz!! That makes me so happy. Definitely keep me posted on what other recipes you end up trying 🙂 xo!

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  112. Sounds easy and delicious! Can I sub rice for the quinoa? Or should I just leave the rice out and cook it separately?Thanks!

  113. […] Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry by Simply […]

  114. I made this and loved it! So flavorful and delicious! I actually cooked it in my pressure cooker since I didn’t start it early enough in the day, and it turned out great.

      • I just made this. 9 minutes in instant pot. Just threw everything in like recipe called for and set it to 9 minutes. Delicious.

        • What setting did you use for the instant pot at 9 minutes? Was it pressure cook? Did you allow for release time? If so how long?

          • I just used the instant pot for 9 minutes on manual and high pressure like they mentioned above. I did quick release immediately and sweet potatoes were cooked. I did cut them into small pieces (half inch pieces). Threw in some peas after quick release. The broccoli kind of turned a bit to mush…but over all for a quick throw it all in a pot thing it was good!

  115. u…so I am reading the recipe for the slow cooker coconut quinoa curry and it says to cook until the curry thickens but I do not see any type of curry listed anywhere n the recipe

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  117. I fiddled my day away and ended up putting this in the pressure cooker instead of the slow cooker. I have found that just about every recipe for either is interchangeable if there is liquid involved.
    I used a Japanese sweet potato because that is what I had and substituted smoked paprika for the pepper flakes.
    So quick and easy. Thanks for the recipe

  118. […] Find the recipe here: Simply Quinoa  […]

  119. […] Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry (recipe courtesy of Alyssa of Simply Quinoa) […]

  120. Just cooked it for dinner tonight. It was delicious. I made a few changes, and cooked the onions over the stove for around 15 minutes, till brown. Then added garlic and ginger and then the spices and fried them off for a couple of minutes. Put all that in the slow cooker with everything else and gave it the four hours. Went down a treat!

    • So glad you enjoyed it! Love the idea of cooking the garlic and ginger before hand…I’m sure that just heightened the flavors even more!

  121. Hello, I made this and it has been in the slow cooker for about 4.5 hours and doesn’t seem to be thickening up?

  122. […] Friday! Let’s talk favorites!  This Recipe: Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry  I’m on a curry kick right now and this recipe is calling my name.   This Workout: […]

  123. This sounds totally delicious! Just one question:

    Your blog post says 4-6 hours of cook time, but the recipe says 3-4 hours of cook time. Is one more correct than the other?

    • Absolutely! I haven’t made it with chicken, so you’d need to play around with cooking times, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work 🙂

  124. This is my new favorite recipe!!! It is outstanding, versatile, and keeps well in the fridge. I added red curry paste and used tomatoes with green chillies to spice it up. I also added cauliflower, and beets which add to the health benefits of this dish. It is a great base recipe for delicious quinoa slow-cooking. Thanks so much!

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  126. Is there something other than tomatoes I can use? I have crohn’s disease and tomatoes are a no no BUT I love curry. I’ll already be swapping out some of the veggies and no legumes for me…maybe by just using the coconut milk I’ll get the same effect?

    • If it is due to the acid content of tomatoes, try yellow tomatoes. They are “acid free” and have been a life saver for my IC.

    • Yeah, I think you could honestly just leave them out completely. You probably won’t need to add any water, especially if you have some absorbent ingredients like potatoes.

    • Hmm…well you could transfer it to a pot and boil it to get some of the liquid to evaporate. You could also just let it cook on high without the lid on. Or just remove some of the liquid?

  127. My favourite meal to make in the slow cooker? I make a lentil chili that always goes over well, but really, any soup or stew is great. This looks amazing and sounds like it’s full of flavour. And bonus that it’s made in the slow cooker! I’ve pinned this to come back to it later so I can add it to next week’s meal plan. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

    • I’ve gotta try lentil chili! I love both of those things but have yet to combine them 😉 Thanks for sharing! xo

  128. Oh, this is lovely. I love my slow cooker, and I love curry. I especially love that you used fresh spices in your quinoa curry. I prefer them fresh even if I sometimes have to deal with watery eyes while mincing them.

  129. […] spent my Saturdays with my roommates, I picked up groceries from Trader Joe’s and remade this Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Quinoa and Vegan Broccoli Cheeze Burgers. Both are phenomenal and I suggest you make this coming weekend! […]

  130. This is a great dish. I used what was in the fridge including some carrots and frozen butternut squash. I added some red curry paste, curry powder, ground pepper, and cumin. I had chopped tomatoes with green chillies in the pantry which also spiced it up. Great recipe!!!

  131. Regarding the slow cooker. Anything you can make on the stove, especially a stew, soup, sauce etc will come out just as well if not better. Exactly as you found out, throw everything in give it a stir and walk away. I have them in all sizes, They are great for parties.

    Thanks Alyssa for all you do. The Curry recipe looks killer.

    • I’ve really got to do some more experimenting and see what that machine can really do! Thanks for the note, Mary 🙂

  132. This is beautiful!! My slow cooker definitely comes in handy – between being a full-time student and working, sometimes I just want a dinner that cooks itself. Love all the ingredients in here! Can’t wait to cozy up with Netflix and a big bowl of this.

  133. If I wanted a replacement for sweet potatoes what would you recommend? Red potatoes? Butternut squash cubes? Would love your advice, I am not a sweet potatoes person haha

    Thanks, looking forward to making this

    – Healthy mind, body and soul

    • I made this in a Dutch oven on the stove and it was AMAZING! Put the onion and garlic in first with a little olive oil until just browned, then added everything else and cooked until the potatoes were tender. Great flavors!

  134. Your post made me smile. I tell everyone I know to get a slow cooker or use theirs if they have one! My old faithful is about 12 years old and I use it several times a week.
    I make stews, soups, sauces, chili, curry, and even yogurt. I also soak and then cook overnight all of my lentil and beans in it. I don’t really have a particular recipe because I am a “what’s in the fridge/freezer?” kind of cook. I always make it up as I go along and frankly if you add garlic, onions, ginger and a good herb/spice mix (whatever you like) it’s pretty hard to go wrong!
    Yesterday I just make a chickpea, veg, meatball chili – I turn it on and let it cook all night. It made a delicious gluten free breakfast!

  135. Did you drain the tomatoes?

    I use my slow cooker a ton and make lots of curries! This sounds great! Making tonight instead of the fajitas I had planned!

  136. You can also make quinoa in a rice cooker. Much, much faster than a slow cooker! You csan do it plain or make a casserole or stew. The rice cooker gets very hot so you can sauté onions before adding quinoa and liquid. I use the Rice Cooker cook book from America’s Test Kitchen.


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