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My Quick & Easy Daily Self Care Routine

Here's a quick and easy daily self care routine. It's a great way to start your day and includes things that can be done every single day no matter what!

Quick & Easy Daily Self Care Routine

The concept of self-care has really taken off in the health world these past few years. Now more than ever before, people are prioritizing self-care and understanding how important it is to their overall health.

Essentially, the idea of self-care is to do things that nourish YOU. So much of our time and energy is spent on others, that we often forget about ourselves. From balancing family needs, work obligations, social life and more, most of the time almost all our energy is used up.

And when we're completely maxed, that can lead to things like stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, weight gain (or loss), lack of exercise, a decline in our health, unhappiness, and more. When we don't carve out time for ourselves, everyone and everything in our orbit will suffer in the long run.

What is Considered Self Care?

What I love about the idea of self-care is that it can be ANYTHING. And I mean that. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

I categorize it as this: what makes you feel good?

Maybe it's going for a walk outside. Maybe it's curling up in your favorite chair and reading a book for 30 minutes. It could be going to your favorite workout class. Or spending a little extra time on your skincare routine. Love face masks? Maybe it's putting on a face mask and watching your favorite TV show.

Self-care should be completely individualized!

How to Create a Daily Self Care Routine

The Four Categories of Self Care

If you're having trouble coming up with some self-care ideas, it might be helpful to think of them in categories. There are four main categories that self-care can be broken into:

  1. Physical Self-Care
  2. Emotional Self-Care
  3. Psychological Self-Care
  4. Spiritual Self-Care

It's important to spend time in all four categories, but I also encourage you to pay attention to what it feels like you need. Sometimes you might feel more out of balance in one of those categories which means you need to spend more time in one area than the other. For me, I usually focus on my physical self-care and emotional self-care because those are areas I feel I need support.

But again, it's completely up to you. If you're stuck with some ideas, here's a list I put together with 101 self care ideas!

My Daily Self Care Routine

Okay so now I want to share my own personal daily self care routine. One thing to note is that this is specific to me and what fills me up. Yours might look totally different! I want you to look to my routine for inspiration as you're creating your own.

Here's my daily self care routine:

  • get outside first thing in the morning. luckily I have a dog that forces me to get out in the morning, but getting fresh air has truly made me feel so much more grounded in my life. It not only wakes me up, but it gives me time to just be present. I'm not on my phone, I'm just connecting with what's around me and having fun with my girl.
  • workout. this usually happens in the morning, but not always. it is, however, an incredibly important part of my day. moving my body and breaking a sweat makes me feel so amazing!
  • skincare routine. this is something I've really come to love doing each and every day and makes me feel a bit pampered. Here are some of my favorite products in case you want to check it out!
  • matcha. the final part of my daily self-care routine is my daily matcha. This has been something I've truly come to rely on each day – not just for the caffeine boost, but because I love it so much. And I know I've also turned many of you onto it as well. If you've never tried matcha, here is my go-to matcha latte – it's the best!

And for me, that's really it! Nature, movement, beauty, and matcha. Four things I do every single day that help me feel my best.

Again, I want you to make this your own, so in the next section, I'll share some ways that you can create your own daily self-care routine!

Daily Self Care Routine Examples

Ways to Build Your Self Care Routine

Now, for creating your own self care routine, I want you to think about the following question:

What makes you feel amazing?

Is it spending time outside? Is it reading? Working out? Meditating? Dry brushing? Facial massage? Your skincare routine?

Whatever the answer to that question is… DO MORE OF THAT. And try and do it every single day. Because the more you repeat it, the more it becomes routine. And the more you find yourself doing things that make YOU feel good, the happier and healthier you'll become. That's the beauty of self care – it's you taking care of YOU!

And if you're totally new to this whole “self-care” concept, then you might not really know where to start. Not to worry! I've shared a few other helpful articles that can help you create your own self-care routine.

Check out these self care tips:

How Do You Practice Self Care?

Now it's your turn to tell me what you do for your own self care? I'd love for you to drop a comment down below and let me know!



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