Quick & Healthy Tomato Bisque

Quick Tomato Bisque via Queen of Quinoa (@alyssarimmer)

The last few weeks have been unbearably cold. The nights dip down below 0 degrees and the days barely reach 20. It’s the type of cold that pierces through even the thickest of your jackets.

It freezes your nostrils as soon as you step outside. That windproof gloves, fleece hats and chunky scarves can’t keep out. The kind of cold that makes soup for dinner the only option that makes sense.

You see, I’m a creamy soup kind of girl. I will take a pureed soup over a chunky stew any day.

I don’t know if it’s the silky smooth texture that gets me, or if it’s simply the fact that this type of meal lends itself exceedingly well to dipping. From toasty sandwichescrunchy breadbuttery scones or even savory muffins.

I simply adore dipping baked goods into soups like this. But we’ll save that for our next conversation. This time we’re focusing on the soup. This time we’re talking about a quick and healthy tomato bisque.

And I bet you’re dying for the recipe, aren’t you? Today this quick and healthy tomato bisque is being shared on Good Life Eats, so hop on over and check it out. I promise, you’ll fall in love just like I did.


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  • Janet

    Hello and welcome to the east coast. I am in PA but was brought up in Syracuse NY. Have fun exploring The Big Apple and surrounding areas.

    I just wanted to say that I made your tomato bisque soup last night and it came out awesome. Keep those recipes coming!!!

    Your east coast cyber friend,
    Janet :-)