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12 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes

Check out this list of 12 vegetarian slow cooker dinner recipes! These meals are perfect for those busy fall days when you want to come home to a delicious and healthy dinner all ready for you.

Now that we're getting into the busy fall season, I've been craving warm, easy slow cooker dinners. I love making slow cooker dinners not only because of the ease, but because the house smells wonderful all day while these meals cook.

So today I've rounded up 12 of my absolute favorite vegetarian slow cooker dinner recipes for you! We've got lots of delicious recipes in here. Many of these recipes are from SQ, but I've also included recipes from some of my favorite bloggers.

There's sure to be something for everyone on this list! Don't forget to pin this post so that you can come back to this list over and over again!

Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes

The first part of this post is recipes that you'll find here on the Simply Quinoa blog. They include many of my favorite chili recipes, plus an amazing curry. I can't wait to hear which ones you try!

Best Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili with Quinoa

This slow cooker vegetarian chili uses beans and quinoa for a high-protein plant-based meal. Easy to make, packed with flavor – you'll never miss the meat!
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Vegan lentil sloppy joe sandwich on a hamburger bun with tortilla chips and vegetable slaw on a white plate with a stripped dishcloth

Vegan Lentil Sloppy Joes

This plant-based version of the all-American classic, these lentil sloppy joes have all the same flavor without any of the meat. And they're a cinch to whip up. Just toss everything in your slow cooker and let it do the work for you!
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Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

Coconut Quinoa Curry

The best quinoa curry recipe! This healthy slow cooker coconut curry is one of the easiest meals ever. Just toss everything into the slow cooker and done!
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This HEALTHY + VEGAN White Quinoa Chili has white beans, peppers and a homemade cashew cream!

Vegan White Quinoa Chili

This Slow Cooker Vegan White Quinoa Chili is a hearty and comforting fall meal. It's healthy, protein-packed and perfect for game day. Not to mention it's absolutely delicious!
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Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Chili - made in a slow cooker! | recipe on simplyquinoa.com

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Try this healthy, black bean quinoa chili with chunky sweet potatoes and hearty sweet potatoes. The best part? It's made in a slower cooker, so it's easy and mostly hands-off!
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bowl of split pea soup with croutons

Vegan Split Pea Soup

This Slow Cooker Vegan White Quinoa Chili is a hearty and comforting fall meal. It's healthy, protein-packed and perfect for game day. Not to mention it's absolutely delicious!
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close up on a bowl of slow cooker chickpea soup with coconut yogurt, arugula and quinoa on top

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

This slow cooker Moroccan Chickpea Stew is filled with tons of vegetables but is hearty and comforting. It's easy to make, healthy, and totally delicious!
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Pumpkin Chili with Quinoa

Pumpkin Quinoa Chili

This Pumpkin Quinoa Chili is the ultimate vegetarian chili recipe. It's full of protein, is made in a slow cooker and is packed with nutritious ingredients!
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More Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes

The next couple recipes are from some of my fellow bloggers. Each has a unique flavor twist, is vegetarian/vegan and naturally gluten-free!

turmeric potato soup recipe in a white bowl with jalapenos on top

Roasted Garlic Turmeric Potato Soup

This vegetarian Slow Cooker Roasted Garlic Turmeric Potato Soup is simply so easy, so creamy, so delicious, and so dairy-free!
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four stuffed peppers in a white dish with cheese on top

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers are a colorful and delicious way to eat healthy this summer and year round! Get your kids to eat their veggies with this fun and simple vegetarian recipe that's like nature's meal bowl!
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white bowl with wild rice vegetable soup with white beans

Wild Rice & Vegetable Soup

A healthy wild rice soup recipe made with butternut squash, kale and white beans. This Slow Cooker Wild Rice Soup is a vegetarian and vegan crockpot soup recipe.
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bowl of sweet potato curry with rice and naan

Red Lentil Curry

This creamy vegan curry is made in your slow cooker hands free, includes a generous serving of vegetables (sweet potatoes!), and thanks to the addition of cooling coconut milk, the Indian spices are well balanced for a warm but not overpowering level of heat.
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stainless steel slow cooker from crock pot

Best Slow Cooker

This is my favorite slow cooker. It's basic, doesn't have fancy bells and whistles, and has lasted me over 10 years!


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