February 16, 2016

by Alyssa

Blueberry Muffin Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

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A fun way to enjoy quinoa, these healthy quinoa breakfast cookies are sweetened naturally with banana and maple syrup, then studded with blueberries.

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN QUINOA BREAKFAST COOKIES -- sweetened naturally, without any dairy or eggs, and tons of fresh fruit!

Last week I drove up to Vermont to visit my parents. I don't keep my car in the city during the winter so I had to rent a car, which is fine, except that the weather kept changing so I had to change my reservation three times and ended up paying way more than I should have. Whatevs.

When I finally arrived, it was a busy week of recipe testing (I needed this month's quinoa breakfast cookie flavor and of course, made a batch of my Carrot Cake Quinoa Breakfast Cookies while I was at it), shooting photos and hanging out with the fam. But this time around it was extra crazy because…my parents got a PUPPY!!!

I know, I'm dying of excitement too don't worry (total dog person right here), but holy moly I forgot how much work it is to raise a puppy! They're exhausting. But even though he's still whining at night and has a touch of separation anxiety (remember when Trevi had that too?!), he's really the sweetest little thing. And because of all his cuteness, I'm certainly not being as productive as I normally am while I'm here.

Oh and not to mention, this past weekend was literally the coldest weather we've had in decades. We have this teeny tiny 8-week old puppy, another dog who's bouncing off the walls and with the wind chill, it's -25ºF out. We pretty much just sat by the fire all weekend and chilled. And baked. Lots of cookies happened.

These VEGAN quinoa breakfast cookies taste like blueberry muffins but are SO much healthier! High protein, high fiber and low in sugar (also gluten-free!)

Whenever I start experimenting with cookies, quinoa breakfast cookies seem to just happen. I love them because they're really easy to make, use super basic ingredients and they're a healthy dessert option. Unlike a lot of gluten-free baking, you don't need a bunch of different flours to make these cookies. So far, we have FIVE flavors on the blog right now including Toasted Coconut Quinoa Breakfast Cookies, Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Breakfast Cookies AND Chunky Monkey Quinoa Breakfast Cookies (my personal fave because…CHOCOLATE!).

The base of these cookies is just quinoa flakes, oats, baking powder and spices for your dry ingredients. And then to hold them together, you use banana, cashew butter (or whatever nut/seed butter you'd like), a little syrup and a flax egg. It's so simple and the ingredient quality is on par with a bowl of oatmeal.

The beauty of these cookies though is that they're portable. You can grab a few and take them with you. So when you're mornings are crazy – like so many of ours are – you don't have to worry about breakfast at all. Plus you can whip up a batch and they'd last you pretty much all week long.

QUINOA BREAKFAST COOKIES!! These taste like a cross between blueberry muffin tops and oatmeal pancakes, but are in the form of a portable, nutritious cookie! [gluten-free + vegan]

Today's new flavor of breakfast cookies is a cross between two of my fave breakfast eats blueberry muffins and oatmeal pancakes.

First, let me ask: how do you feel about berries in cookies? To be honest, I was kind of unsure. I actually don't even know if I've ever had a berry-flavored cookie before. But I loved it. Like a lot.

The blueberries burst in your mouth with every bite and help give the cookies an extra level of sweetness. And then there's the banana; the combination of the two makes them sweet like a dessert, but keeps them healthy enough for breakfast. We actually only have to use 1/4 cup of maple syrup in the entire recipe.

In addition to the natural sweetness, these cookies are also filled with fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. They basically have everything you'd want in a balanced breakfast.

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Cookies -- made with oats, quinoa flakes and loads of other nutritious ingredients! [vegan + gluten-free]

This is now the sixth flavor of breakfast cookies I've shared and I realized I have yet to show you how to actually make them! I know they're fairly straightforward, but rather than taking step-by-step photos, I made you a video 🙂

I've been having so much fun with these videos – they definitely take some time to put together, but it's so much fun being able to show you how to make recipes in a more dynamic and interesting way. Hope you enjoy them as well!

VIDEO: How To Make Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Cookies


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Blueberry Muffin Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

The beauty of these cookies though is that they're portable. You can grab a few and take them with you. So when you're mornings are crazy - like so many of ours are - you don't have to worry about breakfast at all. Plus you can whip up a batch and they'd last you pretty much all week long.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Total Time 28 minutes
Servings 16 Cookies
Calories 96kcal
Author Alyssa Rimmer
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BLUEBERRY MUFFIN QUINOA BREAKFAST COOKIES -- sweetened naturally, without any dairy or eggs, and tons of fresh fruit!
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  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Whisk together the flaxseed meal and water, and set aside.
  • Beat together cashew butter, syrup, banana and vanilla in a large bowl. Add flax egg and mix to combine.
  • Pour in oats, quinoa flakes, baking powder, spices and salt to the bowl and stir together. Fold in the blueberries.
  • Drop 2 tablespoons of dough onto the baking sheet and repeat until no dough remains.
  • Bake cookies on center rack for 15 - 18 minutes until edges are golden brown. Remove and let cool on the pan for 5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack and cool completely.
  • Enjoy at room temp or slightly reheated in a microwave.



Calories: 96kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 4g | Sodium: 38mg | Potassium: 124mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 5IU | Vitamin C: 1.1mg | Calcium: 24mg | Iron: 0.7mg



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BLUEBERRY MUFFIN QUINOA BREAKFAST COOKIES -- sweetened naturally, without any dairy or eggs, and tons of fresh fruit!
Blueberry Muffin Healthy Quinoa Breakfast Cookie

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  1. I made these cookies and the taste was lovely. The consistency was a bit soft for my own liking, so next time I will leave them a few minutes longer in the oven, but otherwise a great recipe!

  2. I love your website and all your recipes. I made these cookies today and they were great…. Will be making them again for sire.

  3. Thank you for one of many wonderful recipes! I’ve been making them for quite some time and today is the first time I realized I’d forgotten to buy quinoa flakes, so will be trying them with oats only.
    My now two-and-a-half-year old loves them. I make triple or quadruple batches and freeze them. They freeze beautifully and taste great even after defrosting!
    So, a great and healthy toddler snack as well ????????

    • They definitely harden up a bit when they dry. It could have been the size of your banana too. I’d suggest next time if you feel like they’re a bit underdone, to pop them back into the oven for 3 – 5 more minutes. Hope you enjoyed them!

  4. […] Blueberry Muffin Quinoa Breakfast Cookies // Simply Quinoa […]

    • I store them on the counter in a container with the lid slightly cracked – I found they get a bit soft if they’re sealed up! You could also keep them in the fridge 🙂

  5. Hi Alyssa,

    These breakfast cookies are the best! The blueberries are a burst of flavor! This week I made a double batch, split the dough into two bowls and made one batch with blueberries (awesome!) and the other with granny smith apples pieces (3/4 cup). These turned out yummy too! These are becoming a staple in my house!

    Thanks for the great recipes!

    • I haven’t tested them this way and I’m honestly not sure it will work. I would suggest quick cooking oats vs. cooked quinoa as that has the most similar texture.

  6. I just have regular quinoa. Where do I find quinoa flakes? Or do you think I can just blend the quinoa in a vitamix to grind it?
    Btw, this recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it!

    • Hi there! Quinoa flakes are like the quinoa version of rolled oats so unfortunately you can’t make them at home. If you don’t have quinoa flakes you could try making these with quick cooking oats, but I haven’t actually tried it. Let me know how it turns out! xo

  7. Do you think you could use a frozen banana in this recipe…..I save all my over ripe bananas by freezing them for smoothies!

    • You could certainly try! They might be a little bit more liquidy and if that’s the case you might just want to add some chia seeds to help hold them together. I’d let the batter rest a little bit before baking to make sure it’s all gelled together!

  8. Hi Alyssa,
    I totally love how easy and how delious these cookies were. I always struggle with breakfast foods and these are perfect!

    • Can you eat seeds? I’m afraid the nut butter is a pretty important piece and haven’t tried it without. I mean you could always give it a try and see how it goes, but you’ll probably need to adjust other ingredients to compensate.

  9. Alyssa:
    I love your recipes but haven’t tried any yet as I’m confused. I read your article on quinoa flour tasting ucky and to toast it 1st. So whenever I see a recipe calling for quinoa flour I need to toast the quinoa flour before using it in a recipe? So when I buy a box of quinoa flour I should toast the whole box so it’s ready for recipe’s and then maybe store it in the freezer after toasting? Also do quinoa flakes need to be toasted or are they already toasted when they are made into flakes?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Tootz! Thrilled you’re enjoying the recipes 🙂 You don’t necessarily have to toast quinoa, it’s really about the flavor and how it tastes to you. Quinoa flour can be bitter sometimes and toasting it kind of “takes the edge off” if you know what I mean. But if the flavor doesn’t bother you untoasted, then there is absolutely no need for toasting.

      I like to toast the whole bag at once since it saves time. I’ve found it keeps the same regardless. So really, that’s just up to you.

      And for the quinoa flakes, those do not need to be toasted, but you certainly could. I’ve actually never tried it and not sure if it would affect them at all. I don’t think they have a strong enough flavor to need to be toasted, but again I recommend going by whatever your taste buds are telling you.

      Hope that helps! xo

      • In the video, there are 3 dry ingredients but in recipe it only lists the oats and quinoa flakes. Could you please share what the other ingredient it is? Thank you!

        • Hi Kate – the dry ingredients in the video are just oats, quinoa flakes, baking powder, cinnamon and salt 🙂

  10. This recipe is similar to the Zucchini Bread Quinoa Breakfast Cookies that you have. Can’t wait to try these too! I love the zucchini ones. I just finished making a double batch of them this morning. Doing my happy dance! 😀

    • It is! I use a similar base for almost all of my breakfast cookies and just change up the add ins and flavors to give them a different feel. Can’t wait to hear how you like them!

    • You could try applesauce or another fruit puree (maybe sweet potato?!). You might want to add some more flax or chia seeds in there and let the batter rest before baking. The banana really helps to bind them together. Let me know what you end up trying!


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