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February 5, 2015

by Alyssa Rimmer

The Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl

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Part of what I love about blogging is being able to share little pieces of my life with you. Not in a creepy kind of way, it’s more that I want my posts to feel personal and authentic. Like you can get a sense of who I am just from reading them.

That’s what’s so unique about blogging. You don’t necessarily have to know the person who’s writing to you from the other side of the screen, but you feel like you do because of their unique voice and the way that they write. Who they really shine through.

When I started my blog almost four years ago (sheesh, I feel like an old lady!), I never really thought much about my writing style. Honestly, I kind of mimicked some of the other bloggers that I followed. Looking back and reading those old posts, I can see it. It’s not really me who’s talking.

Now, I just write. When I get stuck, I walk away. If I get really stuck, I’ll just start typing random things until it comes back again. Because my goal is to never make my posts feel forced, rushed, pushy or passionless.

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Okay so what gives? What the heck does this have to do with a green smoothie bowl?

Well, honestly, not a ton. Ha! I started this post talking about my morning routine and realized that I was boring myself. And if I’m boring myself, then I’m boring you. So I just started writing and now…here we are!

But I know that many of you are probably fairly interested in my morning routine and how I start my day. Mornings, and breakfasts in particular, are the most challenging part of tackling a gluten-free, healthy lifestyle for a lot of people. How do you find the time to make nourishing, energizing breakfasts when you’re rushing out the door every day?

I’ve been gluten-free for almost 5 years now and that was my biggest pain when I first switched. I would grab something unhealthy, or something with way too much sugar, and would then proceed to snack all day once I got to work. Sure it was gluten-free, but I wasn't giving my body to kind of nourishment that it needed.

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So when I made the switch to working at home, I had a feeling things would change. I’d be able to make elaborate breakfasts, take my time, make sure that it was packed full of good-for-me ingredients. Right?

Wrong. I was still rushed and now that I was only 10 feet from my kitchen, the snack habit got even worse (even though I was making super healthy snacks – I was just eating too much).

Finally, 5 (maybe even 10…yikes!) pounds heavier, energy levels in the tank, I decided I need to reinvent my morning routine.

And so today, I want to show you what my morning looks like, not to force my habits on you, but to hopefully shed some light onto something that’s working for me (and could potentially work for you too).

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7:00am – Wake up! Get out of bed, feed the pup and get ready for our walk. We usually walk for about 30 minutes each morning (and when we’re lucky Matt comes with us!)

7:30am – Home for a quick workout. Usually it’s a 20 minute yoga class or a Tone It Up workout. I like to keep it light since I've recently joined a yoga studio and am going to daily yoga classes in the afternoons.

8:00am – Shower and make myself some hot lemon water (or green tea) and a green smoothie bowl (or green juice depending on my mood).

8:00 – 8:30am – Checking email + scheduling social media.

8:30am – 4:30pm – working on the blog! I take a few short breaks to walk Trevi and stretch my legs. My days vary a lot – sometimes it’s cooking, sometimes it’s writing and other times it just back end admin stuff – so I try to keep a consistent routine, write down my entire schedule for the day, and it seems to help keep my snacking down and keeps me moving.

I have found that the key to having a productive and healthy day is to move first thing in the morning and then have a nourishing (green) breakfast. I love smoothies, but I particularly love smoothie bowls because I eat them with a spoon and it tricks my mind into thinking that they’re more filling.

When I have a smoothie bowl like this, I don’t feel hungry until lunchtime and that never used to happen!

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The recipe I’m sharing today is for my favorite green smoothie bowl. It's the one that I make almost daily! The base tends to stay the same – with a blend of bananas, almond milk, avocado, peanut butter, kale, quinoa, chia seeds and ice – and then I jazz it up with different toppings, so it never gets boring.

I like to top them with a few extra ingredients that will give the bowl some texture but also provide healthy fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates. I like to use different flavors of granola, some nuts or seeds, and always some fresh berries (super high in antioxidants!).

It’s tasty, it’s healthy, it’s rich and it’s filling. It’s really the perfect way to start any day!

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The Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl

When I have a smoothie bowl like this, I don’t feel hungry until lunchtime and that never used to happen!
Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 2 Smoothies
Calories 293kcal
Author Alyssa Rimmer
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for the topping:


  • Add all smoothie ingredients into a blender in the order listed and blend on high until smooth and creamy.
  • Transfer to a bowl and top with desired toppings.


Calories: 293kcal | Carbohydrates: 39g | Protein: 10g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 232mg | Potassium: 727mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 12g | Vitamin A: 6730IU | Vitamin C: 87.3mg | Calcium: 297mg | Iron: 2.8mg

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About Alyssa

Hey there, I’m Alyssa Rimmer, a certified Holistic Nutritionist, yoga-lover, dog mom, and founder of Simply Quinoa. It’s nice to meet you! I created SQ as a way to provide solutions for women just like me, who were struggling to find helpful information about how to live a healthy and fulfilled life. My hope is that you will find inspiration here on SQ – in my story, in my recipes, in the hundreds of wellness articles, and in our amazing community. Welcome!

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  2. Love love love your videos and blog. I am transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. I already am GF due to having celiac. My problem is timing. I work from midnight to noon. Can’t bring drinks into my work space as I am a surgeon. Can someone help me come up with a morning schedule that would incorporate all these wonderful tips? Right now I am failing miserably and not eating until 1 for the first time of the day.

  3. […] Find the recipe here: Simply Quinoa […]

  4. Loved it! I used soy milk instead of almond milk and forgot to put in the quinoa but it was still so delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  5. […] Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl – The secret to this green smoothie bowl is quinoa. Yummy Fiber! (via Simply Quinoa) […]

  6. Just made this with my 4yr old and she likes it! Thought the green would deter her but nope she put handfuls of spinach and kale in herself! I added a scoop of Greek kefir yogurt and mixed frozen fruit in place of ice- probably not as thick as yours but still yummy!!

  7. […] The Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl – So this is possibly the prettiest bowl of goodness I have ever seen. Smoothie bowl-type situations are so good, and I need to make them more so a part of my life. […]

  8. I do smoothie bowls for my daughter sometimes for dinner. We’ve moved to mostly plant based diets, and I’m working to keep her protein and calcium up and I can hide all sorts of things in bowls like this!! Like quinoa. She is not a huge fan, but if I mix it into things she is fine. Never thought of the bowl. Brilliant!!

  9. Avocados in smoothies are amazing. 🙂

    For years I did the same things for breakfast. I like habit and ease, so it’s natural for me to chose one thing and stick with it – for a long time. Lately, I’ve been trying to mix that up to vary the nutrients that I get in the morning. I wanted to see what helps me perform best. I also have started varying my breakfasts with the season. While I absolutely adore smoothies, I find they drop my body temperature too much in the morning and make me sleepier longer than need be. In the spring, when it warms up a little, I will resume varied smoothies for breakfast. For now, I’m experimenting with other foods.

    I used to fry up two eggs and top them with salt/pepper and sauteed onions and mushrooms. I’ve also topped them with curry powder. Paired with a piece of GF toast or a GF bagel or a leftover GF pancake and a single chicken sausage link, this would keep me moderately full until lunch. I want more veggies or fruits in my morning, though, so I’ve been hunting for alternatives. Lately, I’ve been doing overnight chia pudding. I found a great recipe through MyFitnessPal that uses lime juice, lime zest, and fresh raspberries. For a milk base, I use a mix of almond and coconut. It really fills me up! I pair this with GF toast or half a GF bagel and hard boiled egg.

  10. I love your smoothie bowl 🙂
    My mornings are the most joyous time of the day. (I wish I could live in perpetual morning mode!) 4:15am wake-up, workout, throw clothes and some eyeliner on, breakfast, blog, and go to class! (plus a trip to starbucks!)


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