Autumn Chopped Quinoa Salad with Apple Cider + Tahini-Sage Dressing

This autumn chopped quinoa salad is tossed with seasonal vegetables and dressed in a creamy tahini, sage and apple cider vinaigrette {healthy + vegan}

I've been in Vermont for the past three and a half weeks. My stay was unexpectedly extended, but honestly I couldn't be happier. It's my favorite time of year to be here; we've had a surprisingly warm start to the month AND it's been an absolute record apple season. I mean there are apples everywhere! Not just exploding off the shelves at the store or at our local farm stand, but the wild … [Read more...]

Apple + Beet Noodle Salad with Candied Quinoa

Apple + Beet Noodle Salad with Candied Pecans and Quinoa - a simple, healthy and flavorful salad that's perfect for fall

My first beet of the season! Beet has always been one of my favorite root vegetables, but truth be told, I don't bother to cook it much. For one, it basically takes FOR-ever to cook. Second, it a pain in the butt to peel. And third, it stains the heck out of your counters, plates, cutting boards, and hands. (<-- no one likes walking around with pink hands) So I either buy the pre-cooked … [Read more...]

Roasted Potato + Red Quinoa Salad

Roasted Potato + Red Quinoa Salad tossed in a shallot, caper + lemon dressing!

  I've really been pushing myself outside of my comfort zones these past few weeks. I had a huge recipe testing day and whipped up some things that I almost never make. Like fennel. And beet noodles. And caramel made from honey. And now it's potatoes. Potatoes you might be thinking? Who doesn't make potatoes? Well, me. I don't. It's not that I have anything bad to say about potatoes, … [Read more...]

Warm Lentil Salad with Spinach & Quinoa

Warm Lentil Salad with spinach, quinoa, roasted fennel + toasted pine nuts - this is seriously the most addicting salad ever!

I admit it. I’m in love with a salad. A salad that is warm, comforting and nourishing. A salad that actually satisfies. A salad that’s filled with flavors of roasted vegetables, earthy lentils and toasted nuts. A salad that is dressed in a simple, yet totally amazing, maple-miso dressing. This might just be the salad of my dreams. Actually, scratch that. It is the salad of my … [Read more...]

Red Quinoa Salad with Roasted Squash, Brussel Sprouts + Maple-Tahini Dressing

Roasted Delicata Squash + Brussel Sprout Quinoa Salad - drizzled in a creamy maple-tahini dressing | vegan | recipe on

Well, there's a lot to be excited about today! But honestly, I can't decide what's the best reason. Is it that this is my first delicata squash of the season? Or the fact that these baby brussel sprouts are the cutest things ever? Or that I'm finally giving you a salad made from something other than white quinoa? Or maybe that I got a ginormous bunch of lacinato kale at the farmer's market for … [Read more...]

“Caprese” Quinoa Salad

Caprese Quinoa Salad with tomatoes, basil and chickpeas | recipe on

A recipe title in quotes? So that means I'm not really, only kinda sorta sharing a caprese quinoa salad with you, right? Well...yes. And no. You see, while this particular recipe doesn't necessarily contain all the traditional ingredients of a caprese salad (read: cheese), it does taste eerily similar. Except rather than serving thick slices of tomato, big chunks of mozzarella, and fresh … [Read more...]

Chopped Quinoa Salad with Chive-Tahini Dressing

Delicious Chopped Quinoa Salad tossed with a creamy Chive-Tahini Dressing | recipe on

Do you ever shop on daily deal sites? You know, something like Living Social. I hardly ever shop these types of sites, but NYC (and a few other cities in the US) has this website called Gilt City which features daily deals on restaurants, spas, activities, etc. I don’t usually buy things from there, but last weekend they had one I just couldn’t pass up. The deal was for brunch at this … [Read more...]

Lemon Herb Quinoa with Toasted Hazelnuts

Lemon Herb Quinoa with Toasted Hazelnuts and a peppery vinaigrette | recipe on

It’s all about the herbs in this flavorful quinoa salad. With a blend of five different fresh herbs, it’s packed full of natural flavors, and each bite tastes just slightly different than the first. And with the peppery lemon dressing and rustic toasted hazelnuts, this salad is simple, comforting and delicious. I seem to be gravitating towards fresh herbs these days. I’m not sure if it’s … [Read more...]

5-ingredient Mexican Quinoa

Easy Mexican Quinoa using only 5-ingredients! A quick and healthy dinner everyone will love | recipe on

Okay, hi. I just have to dive right in today and talk about this Mexican quinoa. 5 ingredients + 15 minutes = best dinner ever. This dish reminds me of the Mexican-style rice you can find at some restaurants. You know the type, it’s flavorful, with a reddish hue, a little crunchy and full of flavor? That’s the one. This quinoa is similar, but way better. Now granted, I’m probably a bit … [Read more...]

Curried Cauliflower Quinoa Salad

Curry Cauliflower Quinoa Salad with a creamy tahini dressing, almonds + scallions | gluten-free + vegan | recipe on

A few weeks ago, I went out to dinner with Matt and a few friends to this cute taco place in the West Village called Empellon. If you’ve been to New York and eaten in the West Village before, then I’m sure you can imagine what this restaurant is like - small and quaint, filled with people, fun decor, low lighting and gorgeous food. I was a little worried about the menu before we went because … [Read more...]