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The Ultimate Quinoa Burger Recipe Roundup

The ultimate round up of quinoa burger recipes! This is THE place to learn how to make a quinoa burger. We've got over 50 delicious recipes to choose from!

50 Best Quinoa Burger Recipes

Quinoa burgers…and the obsession continues! Is it a problem that all I ever want to eat are quinoa burgers? Perhaps, but they're just so darn tasty!

What makes them spectacular is that you can combine so many different flavors inside. And as I've been searching for inspiration, for my own recipes, I quickly realized that there are lots of other bloggers sharing exceptional quinoa burger recipes.

Rather than just telling you about them, I've scoured the web and found a bunch of my favorites and compiled them in today's post. I'm calling it “The Ultimate Quinoa Burger Recipe Roundup” because there are 50 recipes to drool over! And this post couldn't be coming at a better time – it's about to be grilling season, and while we do have many vegetarian and vegan options – grilling season = burger season.

Healthy Quinoa Burger Recipes

I've organized the recipes into three categories:

1) meat & seafood
2) vegetarian
3) vegan

Each recipe also tells you whether it is gluten-free (GF) and dairy-free (DF).  For those that aren't gluten-free, many of them use breadcrumbs or flour, so you can simply substitute gluten-free versions in their place.

I can't wait to hear what you think of them! Enjoy reading 🙂

meat & seafood quinoa burgers

Quinoa Turkey Burger Recipe


Sweet Potato Salmon Burger


vegetarian quinoa burgers


Quinoa Veggie Burger Eating Well


Crispy Quinoa Sliders from How Sweet Eats


Buffalo Style Quinoa Sliders


Sweet Potato and Quinoa Burgers with Red Onion and Blue Cheese - Fork Knife Swoon


The Ultimate Veggie Burger


vegan quinoa burger recipes

Simple Vegan Quinoa Burgers


tex mex quinoa burgers with grilled corn and black beans




50+ Best Quinoa Burger Recipes