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Best Banana Bread Recipes

These are the Best Banana Bread Recipes to make all winter long, including gluten free, vegan, and healthy options. Plus plenty of chocolate chip options!

Best Paleo Banana Bread Recipe

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of baked goods involving bananas. From Easy Chocolate Banana Mug Cake to Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, mashed bananas make a natural sweetener that's healthy and adds moisture. It's great for vegan and egg-free baking in particular, because banana helps bind things together and enriches doughs and batter with plenty of moisture.

I've rounded up the all-time best banana bread recipes to help you use up old bananas and enjoy delicious baked treats!

Best Banana Bread Recipes

Perfect Paleo Banana Bread

This healthy grain-free and gluten-free quick bread is full of protein and naturally sweetened to have you feeling your best.

Strawberry Banana Bread (Vegan & GF)

There's nothing better than the classic pairing of strawberry and banana. This baked treat has a summery flavor. Plus it's diary-free and egg-free!

Cinnamon Apple Banana Bread

Add some warming cinnamon spice to this best banana bread recipe that's sweetened with fresh apples.

Clustery Oil-Free Banana Bread Granola

This breakfast cereal has all of the warming flavors of banana bread in a crispy, clustery baked treat that I love to snack on.

Healthy Honey Oatmeal Banana Bread

Has a moist, dense texture from oatmeal. I love to drizzle more honey on top of each slice!

Healthy Blueberry Banana Bread {gluten-free}

This banana bread is studded with frozen or fresh blueberries for a summery flavor any time of year. Plus it's fully gluten-free!

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Have a moist, dense texture from almond flour and sweetness from plenty of chocolate chips.

Gluten-Free Banana Bread Muffins

These springy muffins are made with walnuts and make a perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack.

Cranberry Quinoa Banana Bread

This is a favorite for holiday baking. It's made with fresh tart cranberries, but dried ones will work too.

Peachy Oatmeal Banana Bread

Top the bread with a few slices of ripe, juicy peach for a pretty presentation.

If you make any of these best banana bread recipes, be sure to let me know what you think with a comment below!

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