Quinoa for Breakfast is officially here!

Author - Alyssa Rimmer

Quinoa for Breakfast - the latest cookbook from Alyssa Rimmer of

Quinoa for Breakfast is officially here!

Raise your hand if you want to save more time in the morning. Raise your hand if you feel like you're stuck in a breakfast rut. And raise your hand if you think that eating good food should not only taste good but make you feel good from the inside out. Raise your hand if you LOVE breakfast.

My hand is up! Is yours? I seriously wish I could jump through the screen and give you a high five right now!

You guys, I'm so crazy excited to tell you know that Quinoa for Breakfast, my newest eCookbook, is officially here and ready for you to dig into!

90 recipes, 150+ pages, and TONS of tasty breakfast eats.

So if you like…

Creamy, dreamy smoothies

Sweet + crunchy granola clusters

Hearty bowls of warm + comforting porridge

Big plates of savory, veggie-packed egg scrambles

Stacks upon stacks of fluffy gluten-free pancakes and waffles

Naturally sweetened and completely vegan chocolate muffins

Then….Quinoa for Breakfast is for YOU!

Quinoa For Breakfast - the official launch of this all-new breakfast cookbook

So much of what I do here on SQ is a direct result of feedback that I get from you. My breakfast recipes have always resonated with you the most and I have seen how much you have enjoyed incorporating nutrient-dense ingredients, like quinoa, into your morning routine. And whenever I ask what meals are the most challenging, breakfast inevitably takes the cake.

I totally feel you. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, but also the one that I struggle with in terms of variety and time. It’s hard to make something really healthy with only a few minutes, and when I actually do find something that works, I end up just making it over and over and over again.

This is how Quinoa for Breakfast came to be. I’ve created it to be an easy guide to help you simplify your morning, rev up your metabolism with nourishing foods and get you out the door on time. And there’s lots to choose from when it comes to the recipes. With over 90 recipes spanning from simple smoothies, to comforting oatmeals and granolas, to hearty egg scrambles, to fluffy pancakes and decadent baked goods, you’ll have to try to get yourself into another breakfast rut 😉

(and make sure to read all the way to the end of this post, I have a special surprise for you)Quinoa For Breakfast - the official launch of this all-new breakfast cookbook

What’s Inside

There’s a lot more to the Quinoa for Breakfast packages than just recipes. In addition to the main cookbook, I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve that will help you make the most of out the time you have in the mornings. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

Quinoa for Breakfast - the latest cookbook from Alyssa Rimmer of simplyquinoa.comThe Cookbook

This is Quinoa for Breakfast: the cookbook. It has 90 recipes, almost all of which are totally brand new with just a few of the blog favorites sprinkled in. The cookbook also includes an in-depth ingredient guide, tips about why quinoa is a staple in my breakfast, as well as allergy information for every recipe. All the recipes are gluten- and dairy-free also!

The recipes in the cookbook are broken into six chapters:

  • Smoothies, Cereals + Grains
  • Breakfast Toasts
  • Eggs + Savories, Pancakes
  • Crepes + Waffles
  • Muffins + Baked Goodies

The Detox Smoothie Guide from Alyssa Rimmer of simplyquinoa.comDetox Smoothie Cookbook

The second part of the Breakfast package is the Detox Smoothie Guide which features 8 additional smoothie recipes, all of which are low-sugar and packed with detoxifying ingredients. This book also contains a guide to everyday detox ingredients as well as tips for using smoothies to naturally (and safely) detox.

The book includes…

  • 8 additional smoothie recipes
  • All recipes are low-sugar and detox friendly
  • Guide to everyday detox ingredients
  • Tips for using smoothies to naturally detoxify

This is a great option for people are want to infuse their morning with a bit more zing and perhaps even kickstart a little weight loss.

The 3-day Smoothie Cleanse from Alyssa Rimmer of simplyquinoa.com3-Day Smoothie Cleanse

To build on what we learn in the detox smoothie cookbook, I’m also sharing a short 3-day Smoothie Cleanse program designed to help to clear your body of toxins and give your system a little reboot. The cleanse is really easy to follow and features smoothies from the two cookbooks as well as one light and healthy meal.

This amazing guide includes:

  • Daily meal plans
  • A cleanse “formula” to make it your own
  • Cleansing resources
  • Tips for success
  • Healthy + delicious recipes
  • Approved snack guide

Whether you’re new to cleansing or just want to a reset, this is a great option and fits perfectly into the overall healthy breakfast routine.

The Morning Makeover Plan - a new morning routine from Alyssa Rimmer of simplyquinoa.comMorning Makeover Printables

This is one of the most exciting parts of the breakfast package! The Morning Makeover Plan (and printables) is a complete guide to reimagining your morning routine as a whole. The plan includes 5 different things that you can do each day that will have a dramatic impact on the way your day unfolds. I’ve personally been following this plan and have seen dramatic results in my energy, focus, happiness and overall health.

What you can expect to see inside:

  • Step-by-step strategies to making every morning awesome
  • Simple tips to follow to ensure your success
  • 4 printable guides to track your progress
  • Inspirational resources to boost your mood and energy

The plan also comes with a bunch of printable which will help you not only plan your meals, but also help you stay on track with your health goals.

Morning Yoga + Stretching Routine

I’m a big believer in moving each morning, and yoga/stretching is certainly one of my favorites. This guide is a super simple and quick routine that you can do when you get up in the morning. It includes movements that will not only shake of the sleepiness, but it will also wake up your body and internal systems and help you feel energized for the day ahead. This routine can also be customized depending on how much time you have – the one I’ve outlined here takes only 10 – 15 minutes and you will feel amazing afterwards!

Bonus Guides

In addition to the five things I’ve outline above, the packages also comes with some fun additional bonuses which will help to inspire you as you move beyond the recipes and start creating healthy morning meals on your own. The guides include my three Build Your Own Formula Guides (focused on smoothies, granolas and breakfast bowls), my Superfood Powder Guide so that you can start incorporating more superfoods into your diet as well as my Alternative Sweet Guide which talks all about the different options you have for naturally sweetening your breakfasts.

How can I get it?

I'm glad you asked 🙂 The Quinoa for Breakfast cookbook, along with these other amazing resources, is available for you to purchase right now! And the best part is, everything is sent directly to your email in a matter of minutes, so there's no waiting around for the mail to come. You can start whipping up healthy breakfast delights today!

A special surprise!

I promised you something special and I'm going to deliver on my word!

Since I'm completely over the moon about this new cookbook and am so confident it's going to change your life, I'm offering an add-on bonus guide COMPLETELY FREE! When you purchase any of the Quinoa for Breakfast packages, in addition to all the kick-ass books you'll get, I'm also going to send you a copy of “The Zen Morning,” my 5-step guide to creating more time for yourself in the morning.

This guide will walk you through five simple strategies that you can use in your every day life that will help give you the time you need to make a healthy breakfast. They're quick, easy tricks that will make your morning stress-free.

But here's the thing: this guide is available TODAY ONLY! (get yours right here)

So go snatch up your copy of Quinoa for Breakfast by clicking the button below

Get Quinoa for Breakfast RIGHT NOW


p.s. I just want to take a moment and thank you for your endless support and enthusiasm as I've been creating this cookbook. Whether you're here as just a casual reader, or you're one of my beloved subscribers, or one of my valued, trusted and totally amazing VIP team members, thank you! It makes me so happy to know that I can create a resource like this that will help you feel nourished, continue to look your best and most importantly delight your tastebuds with great food. You rock!


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  1. I just bought this e-book and have been flipping through it. It’s great! There are so many quick and easy recipes and make ahead breakfasts – I love it! Anything to make getting out of the house in the morning easier without sacrificing nutrition. I can’t wait to try overnight quinoa and quinoa parfaits!

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