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50+ Best Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

Here's 50+ of the BEST Gluten-Free Cookie recipes! We've got easy homemade cookies for breakfast, dessert, fall, and even the holidays/Christmas!

50+ of the BEST Gluten-Free Cookie recipes

If you haven't ever tried breakfast cookies yet, you're in for a treat! They're a great way to get a serving in of protein, fruit, and whole grain energy. I love starting my day off with a couple breakfast cookies and a matcha, or snacking on one as a post-workout treat. They're so easy to customize and absolutely delicious. With endless flavor possibilities, you'll never get tired of breakfast cookies! P.S. – check out my guide for tips and tricks for making any kind of breakfast cookie flavor you want.

Plus, with fall and the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it's a perfect time to share 50+ of the best gluten-free cookie recipes! So in addition to breakfast cookie recipes, we've got amazing and healthy cookie recipes for fall and Christmas. Whether you're craving a pumpkin cookie or a chocolate chip cookie skillet, we've got something for everyone!

All these recipes are gluten-free and some are even vegan/vegetarian as well. Most of these recipes are from SQ, but I've also included some of my picks from my other favorite bloggers. I hope you're logged into Pinterest, because get ready to save some deliciousness!

Healthy Breakfast Cookie Recipes

salted peanut butter breakfast cookies with banana, oats and quinoa


Healthy Oatmeal Cookies with Banana and Chocolate


These AMAZING peanut butter + jelly breakfast cookies are the perfect way to start the day - high protein, low sugar and all natural

Cookie Recipes for Dessert

Healthy Gluten Free Skillet Cookie



These DOUBLE Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies are sweet, satisfying and HEALTHY!


Gluten-Free Cookies for Fall

Healthy Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies


The BEST & HEALTHIEST Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies ever. Made without any gluten, dairy, eggs, oil, butter OR refined sugar!


Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Recipes

These HEALTHY Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies are made with a whole-grain base and coconut oil instead of butter!




50+ of the BEST Gluten-Free Cookie recipes